31st USAEE Conference
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The sustainability of global long term energy demand, supply, and energy diversity is in question in light of growing demand for energy in China, India, Brazil, and other emerging economies, increasing awareness of environmental issues, and the need to find new ways to address related concerns. Further uncertainties are raised by changing world events such as the global debt crisis, the Arab Spring, and the impact of Japan's tsunami and earthquake disasters on the development of nuclear energy. These and other issues challenge the transition toward a sustainable energy era where the current energy needs are met without compromising the energy needs of future generations, and they also create opportunities.

If there is a need to guide this transition, what type of roadmap should be developed to show a desired path to energy sustainability? To what extent will the roadmap be determined by drivers such as public and private investment, government and environmental policy, technological innovation, and research and development funding? Furthermore, what roles will be played in this transition by conventional and non-conventional fossil fuels; renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass; distributed resources and storage; energy efficiency; electric vehicles; and the smart grid?

This conference is intended not only to address these questions but also to address possible challenges and opportunities for the transition to such a sustainable energy era. With its record of energy innovation and accessibility, Austin, Texas is an ideal setting for bringing together key players in the global energy and transportation industries, government, and academia to address questions and concerns raised in several plenary and concurrent sessions. Those interested in organizing sessions should propose a topic and possible speakers to Robert Borgstrom, Concurrent Session Chair (robertborgstrom2@gmail.com). The conference will also provide networking opportunities through workshops, public outreach and student recruitment.


Energy Company Executives and Managers

Energy Policy Analysts

Governmental Employees in Energy Resource Planning

Academics Specializing in Energy Policy and Analysis

Electricity Pricing and Market Analysts

Energy Consultants


Energy Company Planners

Economic Energy Risk and Derivatives Specialists

Oil and Natural Gas Executives

Energy Rate Executives

Electric and Utility Supervisors

Energy Environmental Analysts

Geologists and Engineers


Energy Journalists


NEW (or OLD) TO USAEE? DON'T EAT ALONE! Join us Sunday afternoon for one of the best social events in the history of the North American conference.  We will travel by bus to Lake Travis to view the sunset at 5:42 p.m. from the balcony of the Oasis restaurant.  Enjoy the Opening Reception with cocktails and finger foods while watching the sunset across beautiful Lake Travis.  After sunset, our energy themed Networking Dinner will offer a traditional Texas-style barbeque buffet.

Reception and dinner are complimentary to all registered delegates.  Please indicate interest on your conference registration form.


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