32nd USAEE Conference
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"To keep on doing business, the modern company still needs a franchise from society, and the terms of that franchise still matter enormously." John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea.*


As the global economy follows a precarious path to full recovery, the challenge of meeting growing energy needs in an increasingly volatile world with finite resources becomes ever more urgent. All parties - from governments and non-governmental organizations to energy producers and consumers - have a stake in fostering smarter energy development and use that minimizes adverse environment effects and consumer costs. The 32nd USAEE/IAEE North American Conference will address the issues, challenges, and opportunities of industry-government relations as the stakeholders strive to meet their respective goals for commerce and society.

Although private industry carries out most energy development, governments - charged with reflecting the broad spectrum of society’s values - create the context in which development occurs. Consequently, the relationship between industry and government is central to the question of how to promote energy development and use that is efficient and environmentally sound. Countries, states, provinces, and communities around the world seek to unlock their energy resource potential, encourage new technologies, and assure equitable distribution of benefits. Industry holds the necessary technical expertise and experience. Industry-government relations will be crucial in determining where and how the world’s energy resources are developed, and which products are brought to market at what price. That evolving relationship will influence everything from fiscal systems and consumer costs to climate change and environmental health.

Alaska is an appropriate setting for a conference addressing the issues, challenges, and opportunities of industry-government relations in energy use and development. As one of North America's great energy producing regions, Alaska has a long history of dynamic industry-government relations. Alaska’s role in satisfying energy demand features prominently in energy policy debates both nationally and internationally. The conference will bring together energy researchers and practitioners to explore these themes through a series of plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, and a poster session. The conference will also provide networking opportunities through informal receptions, breaks between sessions, public outreach, and student recruitment. A selection of offsite tours will be offered to highlight Alaska’s uniquely beautiful environment as well as the state’s role in the North American energy supply chain.


Energy Company Executives and Managers

Energy Policy Analysts

Governmental Employees in Energy Resource Planning

Academics Specializing in Energy Policy and Analysis

Electricity Pricing and Market Analysts

Energy Consultants

Energy Company Planners


Economic Energy Risk and Derivatives Specialists

Oil and Natural Gas Executives

Energy Rate Executives

Electric and Utility Supervisors

Energy Environmental Analysts

Geologists and Engineers


Energy Journalists


NEW TO USAEE? DON'T EAT ALONE! After the Opening Reception, USAEE Council members and presidential advisors will lead several small groups of newcomers to networking dinners at various restaurants within walking distance of the conference hotel. This will be a great opportunity to meet a number of conference attendees at the outset of the conference. Please note that all attendees will be responsible for paying for their own dinner.

Sign-up will be first-come, first-served either by e-mail prior to the conference or at the conference during the Opening Reception.


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* Copyright © 2003 by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, used by permission of The Wylie Agency LLC.


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