Sloan Foundation Funding for Students

The Sloan Foundation is offering funding opportunities for eligible* students currently studying at US universities who are participating in the PhD Day on Sunday, September 23 2018.

1. Presenters and Discussants at the PhD Day will receive full funding, which includes a registration waiver and $600 travel stipend.

2. Funds are also available for some non-presenting attendees at the PhD Day, who will receive registration waivers for the conference.

Participants in the PhD Day are, of course, encouraged to stay for the entire conference. Students who are already registered for the conference may apply for this funding and will receive a refund on their registration fees if successful.

Full information on the PhD Day is available at this page.

To apply:

Presenters and Discussants : email a full research paper to by July 16.

See the PhD Day page for full details.

Non-presenters : email a copy of your curriculum vita, including research interests, by July 16.

*A student is eligible if i) enrolled in a PhD program at an accredited U.S. University, ii) in good academic standing, and iii) in the dissertation stage of his/her program (i.e., passed all qualifying exams, ABD).