28th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference - December 3-5, 2008
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The goal of the 28th USAEE/IAEE North America Conferences is to provide understanding and insights that help lift the veil of uncertainty on important and timely economic and environmental issues related to various aspects of the energy industry. We are beginning to penetrate multiple, interactive frontiers in technology, infrastructure and investment patterns; and we need to illuminate them.

The last several years have witnessed an emergence of relatively strong and sustained economic growth throughout the world. While diversified economic growth creates considerable benefits, this growth puts more pressure on traditional energy resources and supplies that are already challenged by decreasing natural productivity, limits to access, and geopolitical uncertainty.

In addition to greater supply and demand pressures, there are globally expressed concerns that continuing emphasis on carbon-based fuels can have deleterious effects on our environment. Uncertainties about environmental impacts from current resource uses need to be resolved, and we need to discover the best paths to appropriate balances between access to and development of future supply resources and the efficient use of both existing and future resources. We need ways to overcome short-run development challenges while sustaining recent successes in improving the way of life for billions.

The event will provide ample space for technology exhibits, in addition to meaningful intellectual interaction and professional networking.

Realizing these investments requires increased understanding of technical and economic fundamentals and improved communication between the industry, governments and the public.  Hence, the conference will address technology, socioeconomic, regulatory and  policy challenges and uncertainties for developing necessary energy infrastructure.  Conference themes include:  supply and access of hydrocarbons (conventional and unconventional); electricity markets and technologies for an efficient, low emissions future; legal and regulatory considerations; alternative energy and efficiency opportunities; human capital needs and constraints; associated science and technology challenges; and energy reporting and education on energy matters. 

The conference will also feature technical tours, workshops, public outreach and student recruitment sessions to enhance the understanding of technical underpinnings of the energy industry infrastructure and to expand communication between sector professionals and the public.

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Development & the Environment

  • Alternative Energy Development - Onshore and Offshore

  • Royalty Regimes, Leasing, & Incentives

  • Twin Goals of Energy Security and Environmental Integrity

  • Legal, Regulatory & Policy Issues

  • Infrastructure Requirements and Investment

  • Workforce Development & Labor Issues

  • Climate Change and Energy


Energy Company Executives
and Managers

Energy Policy Analysts

Governmental Employees in
Energy Resource Planning

Academics Specializing
in Energy Policy and Analysis

Electricity Pricing and
Market Analysts

Energy Consultants

Energy Company Planners

Economic Energy Risk
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Oil and Natural Gas Executives

Energy Rate Executives

Electric and Utility Supervisors

Energy Environmental Analysts

Geologists and Engineers


Energy Journalists


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