Topics and Subtopics for the 2017 USAEE/IAEE Conference on “Riding the Energy Cycles”

The topics and subtopics listed below are indicative of the types of subject matter that Conference organizers would like to see covered. However, they are by no means exhaustive, and good proposals on other energy-related subjects will be given every consideration. The main selection criterion will be the quality of a proposal, not the particular subject matter.

Energy Demand in Era of Volatility

  • Energy price cyclicality and demand effects
  • Changing transportation priorities
  • Accelerated electrification of the economy
  • Benefits of long-term planning vs. agility
  • Modeling uncertainty

Energy Supply in Era of Volatility

  • Supply gluts and disruptions
  • Effect of “boom and bust” periods on supply
  • Policy prescription vs. the free market in controlling cycles
  • Future of coal and the electricity grid
  • Abundant energy vs. available energy

Funding for Energy Research and Development      

  • Effects of volatility on R&D spending
  • Investment opportunities and strategies in the “bust” – upstream and beyond
  • Technology for long-term cost reduction
  • Technological leaps forward and disruptors

Energy and the Environment in the Cycles

  • Impacts of cheap energy on environmental regulation
  • Implementing climate policy with cheap fossil fuels
  • The energy-water nexus
  • Developing world balance between climate and electrification

Nuclear and Renewable Energy

  • Nuclear energy: Is Past Prologue or is Present Epilogue?
  • The evolving economics of wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower.
  • Impacts of renewable portfolio standards
  • Quantifying Environmental Net-Benefits
  • Effects of asymmetric environmental regulations on trade and welfare.
  • Carbon Trading versus Taxes

Energy Efficiency Mandates and Energy Storage

  • Impact of efficiency mandates in vehicles and structures.
  • Optimal Efficiency Policy Strategies
  • Economics of Modern Battery Technology

Intersection of Financial and Energy Markets

  • Do market rules support reliability?
  • Impact of Energy company participation in financial markets
  • Impact of the integration of real and financial and energy markets
  • Regulating financial energy markets


  • Public policies towards energy demand and supply
  • Income, wealth and development effects of energy policy
  • Taxes, subsides, and regulations: rent seeking by Energy firms

International Energy Markets

  • Sources of international supply and demand growth
  • Status of Mexican energy reform
  • North America – toward greater integration
  • Hydrocarbon exports and the role of the US
  • US/Canada/Mexico energy market integration

Energy attitudes

  • Behavior and big data in energy markets
  • Public perception of energy and shifts in thought
  • Provider/consumer balance in information and outcomes
  • Effects of media scrutiny on energy investment

Other Topics of interest

  • Transportation innovation and investment
  • Impacts of policy and “boom/bust” on electricity investment
  • Impact of cycles on oil & gas investment
  • Effects of asymmetric environmental regulations on trade and welfare