Virtual Poster Session

The Virtual Poster Session allows audience members to discuss current energy economics research with student researchers. This event follows the informal structure of a good poster session, allowing attendees to drop into discussions as they choose and is designed to encourage interaction.  The event will also have a single cash prize of $1000 for the Best Poster as determined by a panel of independent judges that will be visiting the posters along with attendees.



Tuesday, March 16, 2021

10:00 - 11:30 am EST

2:00 – 3:30 pm GMT

3:00 – 4:30 pm Central European Time


 Virtual Poster Session

Navigating the Virtual Poster Session:

  • The event will be hosted on Zoom; each student will be in their own Zoom room, ready with their poster.  To visit a student/poster, you will select that student's room. NOTE: participants need to be on Zoom 5.3 or higher to move freely between rooms without the host having to assign them one.
  • The event works like the poster sessions at the conference: visitors are welcome to come and go to the poster discussions as they like - there is no set schedule. Spend as much time as you want with a student, then exit their Zoom room and return to the event's main room and select another poster to visit.
  • At the start of the poster session, we will have a brief introduction to the event in the main room and will keep it staffed for the duration of the poster session in case visitors have any questions or issues.
  • The Virtual Poster Session will last 1.5 hours in total, so be sure to budget your time between posters accordingly.

Central Event Space:

The event will kick-off with a short introduction to the event in a Central Event Space (Zoom). This room will be staffed during the entire event to answer questions or help with technical issues.

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Drake D. Hernandez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
An Evaluation of Regulatory Frameworks for the Development of Interstate Hydrogen Infrastructure in the United States
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

Tiruwork Berhanu Tibebu
Rochester Institute of Technology
Roles of Diffusion Patterns and Environmental Benefits in Determining Renewable Subsidies
Poster Abstract   Poster PDF

Leopold Monjoie
Paris-Dauphine University
How to Design Reserve Markets? The Case of The Demand Function in Capacity Market
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

A. Latif Patwary
University of Tennessee
Estimating the Rebound Effect of the US Road Freight Transport
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

Igor Hernández
Rice University
Balancing Rent Extraction and Project Execution: The Case of Auctions for Oil Leases in Mexico
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

McKenna Dunbar
University of Richmond
Solar Frontier: Methodologies of Clean Energy Finance in Marginalized Communities
Dunbar Abstract    Poster PDF

Arthur Lynch
Université Paris-Saclay
Nuclear Generation and Flexibility Modelling in Renewables-Driven Electric Systems
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

Wade Davis
Yale School of the Environment
Extreme Contract Variety After Deregulation: Electricity Retail Choice in Texas

Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

Stephanie M. Weber
Yale University
The Effects of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

Zachary Teti
Penn State University
By Show of (Which) Hands: An Empirical Analysis of Regional Transmission Organization Stakeholder Voting
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF

Chao Ouyang
North Carolina State University
Assessing the Peak Shaving Ability of Energy Storage Across the United States
Poster Abstract    Poster PDF