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Energy News: Today's Headlines

LNG News
Triton wins 25-year licence to export LNG from BC - (Read More)
Share of LNG in India's gas mix may rise to 38 per cent: Goldman - Economic Times (Read More)
DOE lets ConocoPhillips Alaska resume LNG sales to non-FTA countries - Oil & Gas Journal (Read More)
Rail companies eye LNG-powered engines amid high diesel cost - Financial Post (Read More)
A second look at BC's two-tier LNG tax regime - Alberta Oil Magazine (Read More)
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Oil News
Compensation battle rages four years after BP's US oil spill - Reuters (Read More)
Why Are US Oil Imports Falling? - TIME (Read More)
Obama Stymies Oil and Natural Gas Production on Federal Lands - Forbes (Read More)
"King Coal" Is Dying; Prince Oil & Gas Is Next - Forbes (Read More)
Oil Slick in Indian Ocean Not From Missing Jet, Tests Find - New York Times (Read More)
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Gas News
Officials believe gas caused Dorchester home explosion - Boston Globe (Read More)
Natural Gas Makes Biggest Gain in Two Months - Wall Street Journal (Read More)
Can Israel's natural gas reserves pump up regional peace? - Christian Science Monitor (Read More)
Gas Makes Wind Affordable Even Without Tax Credit: Alliant CEO - Forbes (Read More)
Obama Stymies Oil and Natural Gas Production on Federal Lands - Forbes (Read More)
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Electricity News
Scientists find an 'ugly duckling' to convert waste heat to electricity - Christian Science Monitor (Read More)
Flowing salt water over graphene generates electricity - Ars Technica (Read More)
Schneider Analysis Finds Renewable Energy Would Cut Electricity Price - CleanTechnica (Read More)
Kasich questions electricity deregulation at PUCO chief's swearing-in - Columbus Dispatch (Read More)
Smaller gas and electricity firms' price war brings cheaper energy bills - The Guardian (Read More)
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Energy Policy News
Russia's South Stream pipeline splits EU energy policy - Reuters (Read More)
Conservatives back US using all-of-the-above energy policy - Canton Repository (Read More)
State energy policy under scrutiny - The Standard Digital News (Read More)
Ad Touts Landrieu as Critic of Obama Energy Policy - RealClearPolitics (Read More)
Make the U.S. an Energy Powerhouse - Daily Beast (Read More)
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Oil/Energy News Releases