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Student Poster Session
Student Poster Session

As an additional way of encouraging student work in energy economics USAEE offers a Student Poster Session along with a Cash Prize at USAEE North American Conferences. Entrants must be a member of IAEE and a full-time student (where a full-time student is defined as being registered full-time according to the definition of their respective academic institution and not employed full-time) at the time of submission. At this unique event, students present their recent academic work, completed or in progress, to all conference delegates in a specially designed networking session. Posters and the presentations are judged by an independent panel and a single cash prize of $1000 is awarded to the student with the best poster presentation.

Previous Winning Posters

36th IAEE North American Conference, Washington DC, 2018:

Under What Conditions is HVDC Conversion a Cost Effective Way to Increase Transmission Capacity in an Existing HVAC Corridor?
Liza B Reed
Carnegie Mellon University
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35th IAEE North American Conference, Houston, 2017:

Welfare Impacts of Optimal Virtual Bidding in a Multi-Settlement Electricity Market with Transmission Line Congestion
Hyungkwan Kim
Andrew L Liu
Paul V Preckel
Purdue University
Douglas Gotham
State Utility Forecasting Group
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34th IAEE North American Conference, Tulsa, 2016:

Drivers of Royalty Rates and Primary Terms in Private U.S. Mineral Leases
Mark J Agerton
Rice University
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33rd IAEE North American Conference, Pittsburgh, 2015:

Winner: Understanding the Potential for Electricity Savings and Assessing Feasibility of a Transition towards DC Powered Buildings
Brock Glasgo
Chris Hendrickson
Ines Azevedo
Carnegie Mellon University
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37th IAEE International Conference, NYC, 2014:

Overall Winner: Social Effects in the Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK
Laura-Lucia Richter
PhD Student Economics, University of Cambridge
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Monday Winner: How Might Interprovincial Migration Affect the Impact of China's Energy Policies?
Xiaohu Luo
Institute for Energy, Environment, and Economy, Tsinghua University
Valerie J Karplus
Justin Caron
MIT Joint Program
Xiliang Zhang
Da Zhang
Tsinghua University
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