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Student Definition
Student Definition

A student is someone who is enrolled in a degree-granting program (either undergraduate or graduate) at an institution of higher learning and registered full-time according to the definition of his/her respective academic institution, and who is not employed full-time. Students must submit written verification from a professor or other verifiable school authority at their institution attesting to their full-time student status when making an application.

In particular, note that post-docs and part-time students would not normally qualify as students for USAEE/IAEE purposes.

To download the student verification form, click here.

To join as a student member of USAEE, click here.

Student Participation at Conferences

Only USAEE/IAEE student members, according to the definition above, may apply for student scholarships to USAEE/IAEE conferences and participate in USAEE/IAEE conference events that are designated for student participation. The requirement must be met at the time of initial submission of research to the conference in question.

Thus, a member who is a full-time student at the time of initial submission of research for presentation at a USAEE/IAEE conference will be eligible to participate in events designated for students even if that person’s status changes such that he/she is employed full-time at the time of the conference in question.