Current Council


Helen Currie

Chief Economist



Eric Hittinger

Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor of Public Policy
Rochester Institute of Technology


Immediate Past President

Peter Balash

US Department of Energy - NETL



Tina Vital

Managing Director
Castle Placement, LLC


Vice President, Conferences

Greg Upton

Interim Executive Director & Associate Professor-Research
LSU Center for Energy Studies


Vice President, Academic Affairs

Lucy Qiu

University of Maryland College Park


Vice President, Communications

Anna Broughel

Lecturer in Sustainable Energy Transition Policy
School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University


Vice President, Business

Michael Cohen

Chief US Economist
BP International


Vice President, Government

Michael Plante

Senior Research Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas


Vice President, Membership and Chapter Liaison

Anastacio Baleva

Senior Advisor


Council Members

Evan Michelson

Program Director
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Dean Foreman

Chief Economist
Texas Oil and Gas Association

Travis Fisher

Director of Energy and Environmental Policy Studies
Cato Institiute


Executive Director

Doug Conrad

11 W Monument Avenue, St. 510
Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: 937.551.8200


Past Leadership

2022: Peter Balash, US Department of Energy - NETL

2021: Howard Gruenspecht, MIT Energy Initiative

2020:  Amy Myers Jaffe, Tufts University

2019:  Marianne Kah, Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy

2018:  Guy F. Caruso, CSIS

2017:  Shree Vikas, ConocoPhillips, Inc

2016:  James Smith, Southern Methodist University

2015:  Troy N. Thompson, Chevron

2014:  Michael E. Canes, Logistics Management Institute

2013:  Lori Smith Schell, Empowered Energy

2012:  Peter R. Hartley, Rice University

2011:  Benjamin Schlesinger, Benjamin Schlesinger & Assoc LLC

2010:  Charles Greer Rossmann, Southern Company

2009:  Joseph M. Dukert, Energy Analyst

2008:  Omowumi O. Iledare, LSU Center for Energy Studies

2007:  Peter Nance, Teknecon Energy Risk Advisors LLC

2006:  Shirley Neff, CEMTPP, Columbia University

2005:  Marianne S. Kah, ConocoPhillips, Inc.

2004:  Mine K. Yucel, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

2003:  Adam E. Sieminski, Deutsche Bank AG

2002:  Arnold B. Baker, Sandia National Laboratories

2001:  Michelle Michot Foss, University of Houston

2000:  David J. DeAngelo, PPL Generation, LLC

1999:  Michael C. Lynch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1998:  Leonard L. Coburn, U.S. Department of Energy

1997:  Hillard G. Huntington, Stanford University

1996:  Kathleen B. Cooper, Exxon Corporation

1994-95:  Dennis J. O'Brien, Caltex Petroleum

1992-93:  Anthony J. Finizza, Atlantic Richfield Company