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USAEE Distinguished Lecturer Series


The USAEE Distinguished Lecturer Series (DLS) assists in obtaining outstanding speakers to facilitate the creation of new USAEE Chapters, revitalize existing Chapters, and conduct USAEE-sponsored webinars. The DLS also reinforces the connection of members to the national USAEE organization and provides a "national face" to members not located near an existing Chapter.

Guiding Principles

The Distinguished Lecturer Series disseminates information about the latest energy market trends and applied economic analysis from peer-nominated thought leaders and recognized experts in their field who are known to be capable speakers.

DLS participants commit to present information and analyses that are timely, relevant, non-advocacy, and non-advertising. The presentations should be consistent with the USAEE mission of providing a broader understanding of energy economics, policy making and theory.

USAEE membership is desired but not required of DLS participants. DLS participants who have spoken at USAEE conferences and/or other similar international professional association events will be given preference over those who have not.

A "Distinguished Lecturer Committee" of USAEE members will select topics, participants and locations from peer-nominated individuals. Nominations will be conducted via USAEE website between September – January with the intent of capturing potential topics and participants in a timely manner.

Nomination Process

To nominate a colleague, please complete the Nomination Form by clicking here. Remember to submit your nomination between September – January.

We ask that the nominator ask the nominee’s acceptance of being a USAEE Distinguished Lecturer before completion of the form in its entirety.

Once the form is completed both the nominee and nominator will receive confirmation that the form has been received. A "Distinguished Lecturer Committee" of USAEE members will review and provide feedback on selected topics and DLS speakers.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact USAEE Vice President, Chapter-Liaison at

Distinguished Lecturers

USAEE is fortunate to have the steadfast support and guidance from Shree Vikas at ConocoPhillips. Shree has been a long-time member of the Association and started the USAEE DLS program in late 2012. The following Distinguished Lecturers have been engaged with USAEE:


Mine Yucel, Senior Vice President & Research Director, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – Petroleum, Natural Gas, Unconventional Fossil Fuels, Energy and the Economy and Energy Security and Geopolitics
Andrew Slaughter, Executive Director, Deloitte Services LP – Petroleum, Natural Gas and Energy and the Environment


Guy Caruso, Senior Advisor, CSIS - Energy Security and Geopolitics, Energy Modelling
Kevin Forbes, Associate Professor, Catholic University of America - Renewable Energy and its Integration with Energy Markets, Electricity Policy and Regulation Matters


Dong Fu, ExxonMobil Corporation – ExxonMobil’s Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040
Benjamin Schlesinger, BSA & Associates - Natural Gas Markets, Shale, LNG and Alternate Fuel Vehicles


Todd Onderdonk, ExxonMobil Corporation - ExxonMobil’s Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040
Surya Rajan, Baker Hughes - International Shale Development - Prospects and Challenges