26th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference - September 24-27, 2006
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Plenary Session Presentations

Regulatory or Market:  Which Really Maximizes Electric Utility Consumer Benefits? - John Anderson (Electricity Consumers Resource Council)

Science and Technology Policy - Rosina Bierbaum (University of Michigan)

Oil Security in the Gulf - Juan Cole

Is Energy Security "Too Important to be Left to the Market"?  Are Energy Markets?!? - Peter Davies (PB)

Oil Market Security and Reliability - JP Favennec (IFP School)

Vehicle Ownership and Income Growth, Worldwide:  1960-2030 - Dermot Gately, Joyce Dargay, Martin Sommer

Electricity Resource Adequacy: Reliability, Scarcity, and Operating Reserve Demand Curves - William Hogan (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)

Markets, Models and Muddles:  Electricity Restructuring - William Hogan (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)

The Environmental Effects of Retail Electricity Pricing - Stephen P. Holland (University of North Carolina)

Power Plants Don't Fly - And Other Non-Artificial Barriers to Competition in Wholesale Power Markets - John Kelly (American Public Power Association)

Oil Market Security and Reliability Roundtable - David Knapp (Energy Intelligence Group)

Global Policy Review:  Transportation and Climate Change - Drew Kokjak (International Council on Clean Transportation)

Achieving Sustainable Energy:  A Challenge to Technology and Policy - Klaus Lackner (Columbia University)

Outlook for Transportation Infrastructure - David MacInnis (CEPA)

Energy and the Poor - Vijay Modi (Columbia University)

Vehicle Transportation:  Technology & Alternative Fuels - Reginald Modlin (DaimlerChrysler)

Private Power - Energy Poverty - Stephen Morriseau (Globaleq)

Oil Market Security and Reliability - David Nissen (Columbia University)

The Future of Transportation:  Reform or Revolution - Tom O'Donnell (The University of Michigan)

Natural Gas Markets, Prices & Derivatives - Adam Sieminski (Deutsche Bank)

The Outlook for North American Gas Markets - Glen Sweetnam (Energy Information Administration)

Energy Poverty & Energy Sector Reform - Kevin Warr (USAID)


Concurrent Session Presentations

Assessing the Robustness of Measures for Reducing Carbon Emissions - Datu Buyung Agusdinata and Lars Dittmar

On the Economics of Hydrogen from Renewable Energy Sources vs Biofuels for Future Transport - Amela Ajanovic, Reinhard Haas, Nebojsa Nakicenovic (TU Vienna)

The Oil Rent Effects on the Economic Performance of Oil Exporting Countries - Marie-Claire Aoun (Paris Dauphine University)

Asymmetric Supply Function Equilibrium With Applications to Investment in the Electric Industry - J. Daniel Aromi (University of Maryland)

Electricity Prices and Residential Electricity Consumption - US/EU Comparison - Ines Azevedo (Carnegie Mellon University)

Joint Reduction of Petroleum Consumption and Carbon Emissions - Peter Balash and Donald Hanson

Baseload Coal Investment Decisions Under Uncertain Carbon Legislation - Joule Bergerson and Lester Lave

The Québec Electricity Industry - Jean-Thomas Bernard (Université Laval)

A Quantitative Analysis of Congestion and Reliability in Electric Power Networks - Seth Blumsack, Lester Lave, Marija Ilic (Carnegie Mellon University)

An Assessment of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy Sources Use in Italy:  A Payment Card Approach - Carlo Andrea Bollino and Paolo Polinori (University of Perugia)

Optimizing the Co-Production of Operating Reserve:  The New Nirvana? - Robert Borlick (The Brattle Group)

Multi-Agent Simulations of the Electricity Market in Central Europe - Audun Botterud, Vladimir Koritarov, Prakash Thimmapuram

Market-Pricing Guidelines for Designing Demand Response Programs Without Subsidies - Steven Braithwait (Christensen Associates Energy Consulting)

Testing Hubbert - Adam Brandt (University of California, Berkeley)

Scenarios for CCS Deployment in the UK, 2010-2050:  What Can We Learn From the Ongoing Energy Debate? - Hannah Chalmers and Jon Gibbins (Imperial College London)

Pan-Asian Gas Trade Model in a Competitive Market Framework - Youngho Chang and Terence Pan (National University of Singapore)

Energy Demand Elasticity Survey:  A Primer and Progress Report - Carol Dahl (Colorado School of Mines)

The New UK - Netherlands Gas Pipeline:  How is the Trade-Off Made Between Affordability and Security of Supply? - Jeroen De Joode (Delft University of Technology)

The Effects of Baby Boomer Retirement on U.S. Highway Fuel Demand - The Importance of Incorporating Population Age Composition into Energy Demand Models - Daniel Dempsey (New York University)

Hybrid Electricity Markets - Laurens De Vries (Delft University of Technology)

Electricity Market Developments in Alberta - Joseph Doucet (CABREE)

System Reliability and Price Responsiveness of Residential Loads - Stratford Douglas, Hyungna Oh, Asawari Moholkar (West Virginia University)

How Efficient are National Oil Companies? - Stacy Eller, Peter Hartley, Kenneth Medlock III (Rice University)

Evaluation of the Long-Term Evolution of Electricity Demand in the European Union - Ugo Farinelli and Manuela Gusmerotti (AIEE, Rome)

Investment Timing and Optimal Size of Small Hydropower Projects - Stein-Erik Fleten, Thor Bøckman, Erik Juliussen (SINTEF Norway and Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Economic Analysis of a License to Build a Wind Power Farm - Stein-Erik Fleten, Kim Krossoy, Bernhard Kvaal, Per-Christian Lysaker Torgersrud

Energy & the Poor in Developing Countries:  The Quiet Crisis in Sustainable Cooking & Heating Fuels - Wesley Foell (Resource Management Associates)

Modeling the Growth in Oil and Gas Reserves From Known Fields in the Gulf of Mexico - Kevin Forbes and Ernest Zampelli (The Catholic University of America)

Analyzing the Effects of Temporal Wind Patterns on the Value of Wind-Generated Electricity at Different Sites in California and the Northwest - Matthias Fripp and Ryan Wiser (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

A Study on the Policy of Renewable Energy-Based Power Generation in Malaysia - Progress, Challenges and Prospects - PeckYean Gan (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan)

Russia, the West, and Energy Geopolotics in the CIS; A New Tournament of Shadows? - Stephanos Germenis (Cass Business School, London)

Distributed Generation:  Increased Penetration of Fuel Cells Fulfills the Promise of Increased Energy Efficiency and Greater Emissions Reductions - Lorna Greening

Economics of Transportation Options - The Case of Bangladesh - Gurcan Gulen (University of Texas, Austin)

Energy Poverty and Expected Contribution of Developed Countries in Nuclear Power Generation Sector - Taizo Hayashi (Fukuoka Institute of Technology, FIT)

Games the Parties of Eurasian Gas Supply Network Play:  Analysis of Strategic Investment, Hold-up and Multinational Bargaining - Svetlana Ikonnikova (Humboldt University of Berlin)

Factors Influencing Access to Electricity in India - Do Geographic Factors Matter? - Andreas Kemmler (ETH Zurich - CEPE)

Which NOC Strategy Do Public Markets Reward Most? - Nicola Kerslake (SEI Investments)

Design Problems in Retail Electricity Competition - Lynne Kiesling and Andrew Kleit

Valuation and Timing of Investment Opportunities in the Norwegian Hydro Power Production Sector - A Real Option Approach - Frode Kjaerland (Bodo Graduate School of Business)

Geological Carbon Sequestration:  A Performance and Economic Risk Analysis - Richard Klotz, Peter Kobos, Thomas Drennen

How to Design a (Liberalized) Electricity Industry in the Light of the Relevant Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects? - Hamilcar Knops and Eugene Cross

Employing the 'String of Pearls' Integrated Assessment Model:  A Carbon Sequestration Systems Analysis Tool - Peter Kobos, Leonard Malczynski, David Borns (Sandia National Laboratories)

Room For Improvement:  Increasing the Value of Economic Modeling for Climate and Energy Policy Analysis - John "Skip" Laitner (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, ACEEE)

Strategic Interactions on Natural Gas Markets Between Producers and Marketers:  A Multi-Leader-Follower Game - Olivier Laleu (University of Paris Dauphine)

Price Volatility Relationship Between Crude Oil and Motor Gasoline Markets - Thomas Lee and John Zyren

Patent and Oil Company Performance: Quantile Regression Analysis - Huei-Chu Liao, Yi-Huey Lee, and Yu-Bo Suen (Tam-Kang University)

The Effects of OPEC Conference Announcements on Oil Prices - S. X. Lin and M. Tamvakis (Cass Business School, London)

Analysis of Depressed Real-Time Prices in the CAISO Real-Time Energy Market - Holly Liu (California ISO)

Maximal Oil Production in Regions and Globally - Per A Loeken

Will Rate-of-Return "Adders" Increase Transmission Investment? - Thomas Lyon (University of Michigan)

Regularities in Early Hydrogen Station Size Distributions - Marc Melaina and Joel Bremson (UC Davis)

Is LNG a Solution to Security of Supply?  North American and European Perspectives - Sophie Meritet and Sarah Trabelsi (Universite Paris Dauphine)

Crunch Time for the European Gas System:  Reliability of Supply - K. Mikelsons, V. Kreslins, K. Brinkis, V. Zebergs, N. Zeltins

A Stochastic Programming Framework for the Valuation of Electricity Storage - Pedram Mokrian and Moff Stephen (Stanford University)

Socio-Economic Impacts of Energy Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas of Developing Countries - Toshihiko Nakata and Makoto Kanagawa (Tohoku University)

The Electricity Industry in the Mexican Northern Border - M.C. Patricia Navarro-Alvarado and Jesus Fernando Hinojosa-Palafox (Universidad de Sonoro, Mexico)

U.S. Energy R&D:  Declining Investment, Increasing Need, and the Feasibility of Expansion - Gregory Nemet and Daniel Kammen (University of California, Berkeley)

Electricity Generation and Water-Related Constraints:  An Empirical Analysis of Four Southeastern States - Gbadebo Oladosu, Stan Hadley, D.P. Vogt, T.J. Wilbanks (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Regional Disparities in Energy Use and Access Across Households in India - Shonali Pachauri (International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis)

Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Energy Use and GHGs Emissions of Advanced Fuel/Vehicle Systems - Stella Papasavva, Trudy Weber, Steven Cadle (General Motors)

White Certificates - Efficiency or Rent-Seeking? - Jacques Percebois and Joseph Doucet (CABREE)

Efficient Bidding for and Valuation of Hydro Generating Assets in Simultaneous Markets for Energy and Ancillary Services - Dmitri Perekhodstev

Storage and the Electricity Forward Premium - Julia Popova and Stratford Douglas (West Virginia University)

Supply Cost of Alberta Oil Sands - Farhood Rahnama and Katherine Elliott (Alberta Energy and Utilities Board)

Assessing the Benefits of Adaption to Climate Change in the Energy Sector - Phillia Restiani (The University of New South Wales)

Retrospective Evaluation of Electric Utility Demand-Side Management in Canada - Nic Rivers and Mark Jaccard (Simon Fraser University)

Climbing the Energy Ladder:  The Role of Growth and Prices in Determining Energy Demand - Mattia Romani, Orestes Soldatos, Arthur Van Benthem

Modeling Climate Change Policies in the US and Canada:  A Progress Report - Joseph Roop and Chris Bataille

DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Rolls out Energy Intensity Website - Joseph Roop (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

In-Depth Analysis of Crash Injuries:  Resolving Ambiguities About Vehicle Mass - Marc Ross and Deena Patel (University of Michigan)

Examining the Long and Short Run Relationship Between Natural Gas and Petroleum Product Prices - Jennifer Rosthal, Peter Hartley, Kenneth Medlock III (Rice University)

Corporate Strategies Along the LNG Value Added Chain - Sophia Ruester and Anne Neumann (Dresden University of Technology)

Could the United States be Weaned off Oil?  The Myth & The Reality - Mamdouh Salameh (World Bank Consultant)

Expanding and Preserving the Nuclear Infrastructure Under Conditions of Limited Waste Disposal - Erich Schneider and Lorna Greening

Public Utility Regulation as the Solution to an Incomplete Contracting Problem - William Schrade and W. D. Walls

The Potential of Wind Power and Energy Storage in California - Diana Schwyzer (University of California, Berkeley)

Modeling Uncertainty in Major Drivers in U.S. Electricity Markets:  Stochastic Energy Deployment Systems Model (SEDS) - Walter Short, Michael Leifman, Tom Ferguson

Natural Gas Futures: The Wild Ride Continues - Lori Smith Schell, Ph.D. (Empowered Energy)

Supply Chain Network of Jatropha Oil for the Production of Biodiesel in India - S.P. Srinivasan, Dr. P. Malliga, S. Murugan ( Rajalakshmi Engineering College)

Quantifying the Effects of Environmental Regulations on US Gasoline Imports:  A Natural Experiment - Jonathan Story, Adriana Fernandez, Bill Gilmer (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

Identifying Challenges for Sustained Adoption of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure - Jeroen Struben (MIT)

Outlook for Marine Fuels Demand & Regulation:  Implications for Refining and Are We Getting Global Oil Demand Forecasting Wrong? - Martin Tallett, David St Amand, Martin Ross

Alberta's Oil Sands:  Potential Contributions to Provincial, National and Global Economies - Govinda Timilsina (Canadian Energy Research Institute)

Energy Services to Meet the Millemmium Development Goals:  Cost Estimates for Senegal - Aynsley Toole, Manuel Luengo, Arnaud Algrin, Sukanya Chandrasekar (Columbia University)

Bringing Alaska's Natural Gas to Market:  An Economic Comparison of Two Projects - Richard Tremaine and Michael Williams (Alaska Department of Revenue)

North America's Energy Challenges:  Will Mexico Be the Solution for the Region's Energy Supply? - Myrna Varela-Salazar and Eduardo Lopez

Computing Marginal Prices in Complex Electricity Auctions with Non-Convexities - Carlos Vazquez, Michel Rivier, Ignacio Perez-Arriaga (Universidad Pontificia, Spain)

Atlantic LNG Trade:  What Are the Implications of the Russia-Ukraine-EU Trade Row? - Obindah Wagbara (University of Dundee)

UK Policy for Carbon Capture and Storage:  Strategies for Innovation and Deployment - Jim Watson (Sussex Energy Group, University of Sussex)

Cost Considerations Associated with Deployment Scenarios for an Advanced Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the U.S. - A. M. Yacout, L. Van den Durpel, E. A. Hoffman, R. N. Hill, M. T. Peters (Argonne National Laboratory)

Analysis on the Adoption of Natural Gas Vehicles - An International Comparison - Sonia Yeh (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)







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