26th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference - September 24-27, 2006
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2:00 - 3:30PM

1. Energy Infrastructure and Security Issues (Conference Room C)

James Ragland, Presiding
Director / ERG
Aramco Services Co

Rebuilding Energy Infrastructure and Energy Security in Iraq
Ken Tiedemann
Manager, Program Evaluation | BC Hydro

North America's Energy Challenges: Will Mexico be a Solution or a Future Problem for the Region's Energy Supply?
Eduardo Lopez
Johns Hopkins University
Myrna Varela-Salazar
Columbia University

Measures of US Energy Security: Do Fiscal and Monetary Policies Matter?
A.F. Alhajji
Associate Professor | Ohio Northern University, USA

Russia, the West, and Energy Geopolotics in the CIS: A New Tournament of Shadows?
Stephanos S. Germenis
Cass Business School, United Kingdom

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2. Sectoral Energy Demand Models & Analysis (Conference Room D)

Leonard L. Coburn , Presiding
Coburn International Energy Consultants, LLC

Outlook for Marine Fuels Demand & Regulation: Implications for Refining and Are We Getting Global Oil Demand Forecasting Wrong?
David St. Amand
Navigistics Consulting
Martin R. Tallett
EnSys Energy & Systems, Inc.
Martin T. Ross
RTI International

Life-Cycle Analysis of Different Urban Transport Options for Bangladesh
Ijaz Hossain
Bangladesh University
Gurcan Gulen
University of Texas at Austin

Conditional Demand Analysis Revisited: Evaluating Residential End-Use Energy Consumption in Canada
David L. Ryan
Ronggui Liu
University of Alberta, Canada

Determinants of Household Natural Gas Demand
Philip B. Thompson
Central Michigan University, USA

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3. Economics of the Electric Utility Industry (Auditorium 1)

Youngho Chang, Presiding
Assistant Professor
The National University of Singapore

How to Design a (Liberalised) Electricity Industry in the Light of the Relevant Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects?
Hamilcar P.A. Knops
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Eugene D. Cross
Energy Institute, The Netherlands

Value of Hydro Power Plants in Integrated Markets for Energy and Ancillary Services
Dmitri Perekhodtsev
Law and Economics Consulting Group, LLC
Lester Lave
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Computing Marginal Prices in Complex Electricity Auctions with Non-Convexities
Carlos Vazquez
Michel Rivier
Ignacio J. Perez-Arriaga
Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain

The New Nirvana, Optimizing the Co-Production of Energy and Operating Reserve
Robert Borlick
Michael Robinson
Veeradech Siriariyaporn
The Midwest ISO

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4. Alternative Fuels & Infrastructure Development: The Case of Hydrogen
(Conference Room E)

Anthony D. Owen, Presiding
Professor CEEM
The University of New South Wales

A Cost Analysis of Hydrogen Refueling Stations for the California Hydrogen Highway
Jonathan Xavier Weinert
PhD Candidate | University of California, Davis

On the Economics of Hydrogen from Renewable Energy Sources vs Biofuels for Future Transport
Amela Ajanovic
Reinhard Haas
Nebojsa Nakicenovic
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Regularities in Early Hydrogen Station Size Distributions
Marc W. Melaina
Joel Bremson

University of California at Davis

Hydrogen, A Bridge Between Mobility and Distributed Generation in a High Energy Prices World
Mario Valentino Romeri

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5. USAEE Student Best Paper Award Presentations and Contest (Conference Room F)

James L. Smith, Presiding
Edwin L Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University

Testing Hubbert
Adam R. Brandt
Energy and Resources Group | University of California, Berkeley

A Stochastic Programming Framework for the Valuation of Electricity Storage
Pedram Mokrian
Moff Stephen
Stanford University

The Potential of Wind Power and Energy Storage in California
Diana Schwyzer
Energy and Resources Group | University of California, Berkeley

Games the Parties of Eurasian Gas Supply Network Play: Analysis of Strategic Investment, Hold-up and Multinational Bargaining
Svetlana Ikonnikova
Humboldt University Berlin

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6. Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas Pricing (Auditorium 2)

Marianne S. Kah, Presiding
Chief Economist
ConocoPhillips, Inc.

Market Structure and Price Adjustment in the U.S. Wholesale Gasoline Markets
Olusegun Oladunjoye
University of Guelph, Canada

Price Volatility Relationship Between Crude Oil and Motor Gasoline Markets
Thomas K. Lee
Marymount University
John Zyren
Energy Information Administration

The Relationship Between Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices
Jose A. Villar
Energy Information Administration
Frederick L. Joutz
The George Washington University, USA

What Makes Retail Gasoline Prices Respond Asymmetrically to Wholesale Price Changes?
Mark French
Federal Reserve Board

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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 4:00 - 5:30PM

7. Energy Poverty and Economic Development (Conference Room C)

Daniel Spreng, Presiding

Regional Disparities in Energy Use and Access Across Households in India
Shonali Pachauri
Research Scholar | International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Socio-Economic Impacts of Energy Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas of Developing Countries
Makoto Kanagawa
Toshihiko Nakata
Tokyo University, Japan

Energy and the Poor in Developing Countries:  The Quiet Crisis in Sustainable Cooking and Heating Fuels
Wesley K. Foell
President, Resource Management Associates

Energy Services to Meet the Millennium Development Goals:  Cost Estimates for Senegal
Manuel Luengo
Aynsley Toole
Arnaud Algrin

Columbia University


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8. Electricity Market Modeling and Simulation Analysis (Auditorium 1)

Christophe Bonnery , Presiding
Corporate Strategy Department

Modeling of Uncertainties in Major Drivers in U.S. Electricity Markets
Walter Short
Tom Ferguson
Michael Leifman

Multi-Agent Simulations of the Electricity Market in Central Europe
Audun Botterud
Vladimir Koritarov
Prakash R. Thimmapuram
Argonne National Laboratory

Analysis of Depressed Real-Time Prices in the CAISO Real-Time Energy Market
Holly Liu
California ISO

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9. Economics of Alternative Energy Systems for Power Generation (Conference Room D)

Glen Sweetnam, Presiding
Director, International Econ & Greenhouse Gas Div
Energy Information Administration

Expanding and Preserving the Nuclear Infrastructure Under Conditions of Limited Waste Disposal
Erich Schneider
The University of Texas at Austin
Lorna Greening

A Study on the Policy of Renewable Energy-Based Power Generation in Malaysia - Progress, Challenges and Prospects
Peck Yean Gan
Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

Effects of Temporal Wind Patterns on the Value of Wind-Generated Electricity at Different Sites in California and the Northwest
Matthias Fripp
Ryan Wiser
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Cost Considerations Associated with Deployment Scenarios for an Advanced Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the U.S.
A.M. Yacout
L. Van den Durpel
E.A. Hoffman
R.N. Hill
M.T. Peters
Argonne National Laboratory

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10. Climate Change & Policy Modeling (Conference Room F)

Alex Farrell, Presiding
Assistant Professor, Energy & Resources
University of California Berkeley

Assessing the Benefits of Adaptation to Climate Change in the Energy Sector
Phillia Restiani
PhD Student | The University of New South Wales, Australia

Modeling Climate Change Policies in the U.S. and Canada: A Progress Report
Joseph M. Roop
Chris Bataille
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Improving the Contribution of Economic Models in Evaluating Oil Transition and Climate Change Mitigation Policies
John A. "Skip" Laitner
Senior Economist for Technology Policy
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Transitions to Unconventional and Synthetic Petroleum: Modeling Greenhouse Gas and Security Implications
Adam R. Brandt
Alexander E. Farrell
UC Berkeley, USA

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11. Petroleum Reserves Growth and Oil Sand Development (Conference Room E)

Mine K. Yucel, Presiding
Vice President & Sr. Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Supply Costs of Alberta Oil Sands
Farhood Rahnama
Chief Economist
Katherine Elliott
Alberta Energy & Utilities Board

Maximal Oil Production in Regions and Globally
Per A. Loeken
General Manager | Professor Per A Loken

Modeling the Growth in Oil and Gas Reserves From Known Fields
Kevin F. Forbes
Ernest M. Zampelli
Catholic University of America

Alberta's Oil Sands: Potential Contributions to Provincial, National and Global Economies
Govinda R. Timilsina
Canadian Energy Research Institute, Canada

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12. The Global Natural Gas Market Outlook (Auditorium 2)

Georg Erdmann, Presiding
Full Professor
TU Berlin

Is LNG a Solution to Security Supply? North American and European Perspectives
Sophie Meritet
Sarah Trabelsi
Paris-Dauphine University, France

Economics of the LNG Value Chain and Corporate Strategies - An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Vertical Integration
Sophia Ruester
Anne Neumann
Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Transatlantic Natural Gas Price Convergence - Is LNG Doing Its Job?
Christian von Hirschhausen
Anne Neumann
Dresden University, Germany

Strategic Design and Valuation of LNG Tournaments
Gregory G. Pickett
Strategic Option Designs

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13. Gas & Electric Utility Demand Analysis (Auditorium 1)

Lori Smith Schell, Presiding
Empowered Energy

Evaluation of the Long-Term Evolution of Electricity Demand in the European Union
Ugo Farinelli
The Italian Association of Energy Economists

Retrospective Evaluation of Electric Utility Demand Side Management Programs in Canada
Nic Rivers
Mark Jaccard

Simon Fraser University, Canada

System Reliability and Price Responsiveness of Residential Loads
Stratford Douglas
Hyungna Oh
Asawari Moholkar
Powsiri Klinkhachorn

West Virginia University

Market-Pricing Guidelines for Designing Demand Response Programs Without Subsidies
Steven Braithwait
Christensen Associates Energy Consulting, LLC

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14. Electricity Market Structure & Performance Review (Conference Room C)

Charles G. Rossman, Presiding
Senior Research Economist
Southern Company

Will Cross-Border Transmission Capacities Stimulate Competition in the Continental European Electricity Market?
Hans Auer
Reinhard Haas
Thomas Faber
Christian Redl
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Assessment of a Model for the Italian Capacity Market
D. Lucarella
M. Benini
M. Gallanti
Cesi Ricerca, Italy

European Championship Among Electricity Companies: National Policy Implementation vs Efficient Competition
Guy Meunier

Measuring Potential Effects of Market Coupling on Concentration in European Electricity Markets
Dmitri Perekhodtsev
Law and Economics Consulting Group, LLC

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15. Energy Industry Regulations & Effectiveness (Conference Room D)

Mary Barcella, Presiding
Consulting Economist

Public Utility Regulation as the Solution to an Incomplete Contracting Problem?
William R. Schrade
Temple University Japan
W. David Walls
University of Calgary, Canada

Gas Interconnector Regulation: The Trade-Off Between Competition and Security of Supply: The Case of the Netherlands - UK Interconnector
Jeroen De Joode
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Quantifying the Effects of Environmental Regulations on U.S. Gasoline Imports: A Natural Experiment
Adriana Z. Fernandez
Robert W. Gilmer
Jonathan L. Story
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

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16. Energy Technology Development & Performance (Conference Room E)

Kevin Forbes, Presiding
Associate Professor
Catholic University

Joint Reduction of Petroleum Consumption and Carbon Emissions - Peak Oil Sensitivities and the "Hydrogen Economy"
Peter Balash
Kathy Stirling
National Energy Technology Laboratory, DOE
Donald Hanson
David Schmalzer
John Molburg
Argonne National Laboratory
Dale Keairns
Kenneth Kern
National Energy Technology Laboratory, SAIC
John Marano
Independent Contractor

Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Advanced Fuel/Vehicle Systems:  A Case Study of Tank-to-Wheels Alternative Fuel Vehicles for GM-China
Stella Papasavva
Trudy R. Weber
Steven H. Cadle

General Motors Corp.

Distributed Generation: Increased Penetration of Fuel Cells Fulfills the Promise of Increased Energy Efficiency and Greater Emissions Reductions
Lorna Greening

U.S. Energy Research & Development: Declining Investment, Increasing Need, and the Feasibility of Expansion
Gregory F. Nemet
Energy and Resources Group | University of California

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17. Oil and Gas Industry Structure & Performance (Auditorium 2)

Gurcan Gulen, Presiding
Senior Energy Economist
Center for Energy Economics - Univ. of Texas

An Appraisal of the Global E&P Industry Performance Under Price Uncertainty
Omowumi Iledare
LSU Center for Energy Studies

Patent and Oil Company Performance:  Quantile Regression Analysis
Huei-Chu Liao
Yi-huey Lee
Yu-Bo Suen
TamKang University, Taiwan

The Market Oil Price Simulation Model
Thomas E. Drennen
Richard Klotz
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA

How Efficient are National Oil Companies?
Stacy L. Eller
Peter Hartley
Kenneth B. Medlock III
Rice University, USA

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18. Renewable Energy Sources: Issues & Trends (Conference Room F)

Frederick L. Joutz , Presiding
Professor of Economics
George Washington University

Supply Chain Network of Jatropha Oil for the Production of Biodiesel in India
S.P. Srinivasan
P. Malliga
S. Murugan
Rajalakshmi Engineering College, India

An International Study on the Diffusion Patterns of CNG Vehicles
Sonia Yeh
University of North Carolina

An Assessment of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy Sources Use in Italy:  A Payment Card Approach
Carlo Andrea Bollino
Paolo Polinori
University of Perugia, Italy

Identifying Challenges for Sustained Adoption of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure
Jeroen Struben
MIT Sloan School of Management

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 4:00 - 5:30 PM

19. The Global Oil Market: Issues & Trends (Conference Room C)

Jean-Philippe Cueille, Presiding
Director of Studies, Center for Econ. & Mgmt.
Institut Francais du Petrole

Could the United States Be Weaned off Oil? The Myth & the Reality
Mamdouh G. Salameh
Director | Oil Market Consultancy Service

OPEC Announcements and Their Effects on Crude Oil Prices
Sharon Xiaowen Lin
Michael Tamvakis
Cass Business School, United Kingdom

Which National Oil Company Strategy Do Public Markets Reward Most? A Comparative Analysis of Global National Oil Company Strategies and the Emerging Chinese Anomaly
Nicola Kerslake
SEI Investments

The Oil Rent Effects on the Economic Performance of Oil Exporting Countries
Marie-Claire Aoun
Paris Dauphine University, France

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20. Aggregate Energy Demand Model & Analysis (Conference Room D)

Skip Laitner, Presiding
Senior Economist

Climbing the Energy Ladder: The Role of Prices and Growth in Determining Energy Demand
Mattia Romani
Economist | Shell International

DOE's EERE Rolls out Energy Intensity Indicators Website
Joseph M. Roop
Staff Scientist | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Energy Demand Elasticity Survey: A Primer and Progress Report
Carol Dahl
Director CSM/IFP | Colorado School of Mines

Electricity Prices and Residential Electricity Consumption : A US/EU Comparison
Ines Margarida Lima de Azevedo
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

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21. Electric Utility Market and the Environment (Auditorium 1)

Einar Hope, Presiding
Professor of Energy Economics
Norwegian School of Econ. & Bus. Admin.

Does Electricity Restructuring Benefit the Environment? A Stochastic Dynamic Analysis of Intertemporal Emission Permits Trading
Fan Zhang
PhD Candidate | Harvard University

Design Problems in Retail Electricity Competition
Lynne Kiesling
Northwestern University and ICES at George Mason University
Andrew N. Kleit
The Pennsylvania State University

Electricity Generation and Water-Related Constraints: An Empirical Analysis of Four Southeastern States
G.A. Oladosu
S.W. Hadley
D.P. Vogt
T.J. Wilbanks
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Storage and the Electricity Forward Premium
Stratford Douglas
Julia Popova
West Virginia University, USA

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22. Carbon Emissions and Energy Modeling (Conference Room F)

Geoff Bertram, Presiding
Senior Lecturer in Economics
Victoria University of Wellington

White, Green and Black Certificates: Competing Environmental Objectives and Electricity Regulation in Europe
Joseph Doucet
University of Alberta, Canada
Jacques Percebois
Universite Montpellier I, France

Assessing the Robustness of Measures for Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Face of Technology, Costs, and Behavioral Uncertainties
D. B. Agusdinata
L. Dittmar
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Economic and Environmental Impacts of Oil Sands Technology Alternatives
Joule Bergerson
David Keith
University of Calgary, Canada

Challenges for Scenario Studies of CO2 Emissions Within the EU-ETS
Steffen Sacharowitz
Energy Brainpool

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23. Natural Gas Supply and Pricing Issues (Auditorium 2)

Ugo Farinelli, Presiding
Secretary General
Italian Assoc. of Energy Economists

Crunch Time for the European Gas System: Reliability of Supply
K. Mikelsons
Latvian Power Company "Latvenergo"
V. Kreslins
K. Brinkis
Center of the Baltic Power Systems
V. Zebergs
N. Zeltins
Institute of Physical Energetics of LAS

What Drives Natural Gas Prices?
Stephen Brown
Mine Yucel
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

A Case for Integrating Regulation of Natural Gas Utilities?
Jon Ludwigson
Frank W. Rusco
US General Accounting Office
W. David Walls
University of Calgary, Canada

Examining the Long and Short Run Relationship Between Natural Gas and Petroleum Product Prices
Jennifer Rosthal
Peter Hartley
Kenneth Medlock III
Rice University, USA

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24. Investment Decisions Under Risk & Uncertainty (Conference Room E)

Peter K. Nance, Presiding
Senior Principal
Teknecon Energy Risk Advisors, LLC

Do Commodity Prices and Volatility Jump?
Stanislav Radchenko
Assistant Professor | University of North Carolina

The Strategic Effect of Option Contracts
J. Daniel Aromi
University of Maryland

Two-Tier Loss Hedging Rights
Aleksandr Rudkevich
Minghai Liu
CRA International

NYMEX Natural Gas Futures: The Wild Ride Continues
Lori Smith Schell
President | Empowered Energy

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25. Scholastic Papers on Energy Economics (Conference Room F)

Wumi Iledare, Presiding
LSU Center for Energy Studies

The Effects of Baby Boomer Retirement on U.S. Highway Fuel Demand
Daniel S. Dempsey
College of Arts and Science | New York University

Energy Poverty and Expected Contribution of Developed Countries in Nuclear Power Generation Sector
Taizo Hayashi
Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan

Geography of Electrification
Andreas Kemmler
ETH Zurich


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26. Electricity Market Developments in Canada (Conference Room C)

Andre Plourde, Presiding
Professor & Chair, Department of Economics
University of Alberta

Electricty Developments in Quebec
Jean Thomas Bernard
University of Laval

Electricity Developments in Ontario
Mitchell Rothman
Navigant Consulting

Electricity Developments in Alberta
Joseph Doucet
University of Alberta

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27. Electricity Market Models (Auditorium 2)

Gurcan Gulen, Presiding
Senior Energy Economist
Center for Energy Economics - Univ of Texas

Market Power in Electricity Markets, Suboptimal Investment and ISO Procurement
Dominique Finon
Guy Meunier
CIRED, France

Hybrid Electricity Markets
L.J. De Vries
A.C. Correlje

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

The Electricity Industry in the Mexican Northern Border
Patricia Navarro Alvarado
Jesus Fernando Hinojosa Palafox
Universidad de Sonora, Mexico

A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship Between Congestion and Reliability in Electric Power Networks
Seth Blumsack
Lester Lave
Marija Illic

Carnegie Mellon University


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28. Carbon Sequestration Modeling & Analysis (Conference Room D)

Peter H. Kobos, Presiding
Staff Economist
Sandia National Laboratories

Employing the "String of Pearls" Integrated Assessment Model: A Carbon Sequestration Systems Analysis Tool
Peter Kobos
Len Malczynski
David Borns
Sandia National Laboratories

Geological Carbon Sequestration: A Performance and Economic Risk Analysis
Richard Klotz
Thomas E. Drennen
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Peter H. Kobos
Sandia National Laboratories

UK Policy for Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Strategies for Innovation and Deployment
Jim Watson
University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Scenarios for CCS Deployment in the UK, 2010-2050: What Can We Learn from the Ongoing Energy Debate?
Hannah Chalmers
Jon Gibbins
Imperial College London, United Kingdom

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29. Natural Gas: Choices & Dynamics (Auditorium 1)

Hadi Hallouche, Presiding
Strategy Adviser
Shell Gas & Power

Bringing Alaska's Stranded North Slope Natural Gas to North American Markets: An Economic Comparison of Alternate Transportation Methods
Richard Tremaine
Michael Williams
Alaska Department of Revenue

Atlantic LNG Trade: What Are the Implications of the Russia-Ukraine-EU Trade Row?
Obindah Wagbara
University of Dundee, United Kingdom

Strategic Interactions on Natural Gas Markets Between Marketers and Producers: A Multi-Leader-Follower Game
Olivier Laleu
University of Paris Dauphine, France

Pan-Asian Gas Trade Model in a Competitive Market Framework
Youngho Chang
Terence Pan
National University of Singapore

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30. Energy and Power Project Finance & Investments (Conference Room E)

Carol Dahl, Presiding
Professor of Econ & Dir CSM/IFP
Colorado School of Mines

Investment in Electricity Generation and its Determinants
Xinying Zhang
PhD Student | University Paris, France

Investment Timing and Optimal Capacity Choice for Small Hydropower Projects
Thor Brockman
Stein-Erik Fleten
Erik Juliussen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Valuation and Timing of Investment Opportunities in the Norwegian Hydro Power Production Sector - A Real Option Approach
Frode Kjaerland
Bodo Graduate School of Business, Norway

Baseload Coal Investment Decisions Under Uncertain Carbon Legislation
Joule Bergerson
University of Calgary, Canada
Lester Lave
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

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