26th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference - September 24-27, 2006
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USAEE is grateful to the following organizations and individuals for support of the Student Scholarship fund:

ConocoPhillips * ExxonMobil * IAEE

The Student Scholarship fund has been set-up to cover the cost of conference registration fees for promising graduate students who plan to participate in the Annual North American Conference of the USAEE/IAEE.  USAEE will continue this scholarship fund and actively encourages corporate and individual support.  For information on both contributing to this fund or receiving these funds as a student, please speak to David Williams at the conference registration desk or at by phone/email:  (p) 216-464-2785; (e) usaee@usaee.org

Students, click here to view our criteria to apply for student scholarship to attend our conference.

Professors, click here to download a print version of the student scholarship criteria.  We encourage you to post this information at your university.


Students who register for the 2006 North American Conference at Ann Arbor and who are seeking employment or are interested in arranging internships have the option of submitting their academic/professional resumes with their registration forms to David Williams at USAEE Headquarters.  We will bring these to the attention of our own members and other relevant parties, with the potential of arranging face-to-face interviews during the Conference where that is appropriate and feasible.  Resumes should be confined to one page if at all possible, and not more than two pages.  They should indicate your time availability for work or internship, particular interests, and contact information.  Please email this resume to usaee@usaee.org

Furthermore, graduating students should provide by return email (usaee@usaee.org) the following information to be listed in our conference delegate packets:

a) Student's name and contact details

b) Their school

c) Thesis topics

USAEE will be developing a list of graduating students to share with potential employers in an attempt to arrange interviews during the conference.






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