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Monday, November 4 from 2:30pm - 4:00pm

 1. Roundtable: Women in Energy (Interlocken B)

Energy Price Forecasting Tricks of the Trade

Energy prices can be notoriously difficult to forecast, with projections often undermined by unexpected weather events, the daily whims of world leaders and gaps in fundamental supply and demand data. The advent of computer-assisted big data analytics and satellite imagery seems to offer a means of improvement for accuracy. In electricity markets where precision is most necessary, computer-assisted digital technologies are likely to have a large impact, but oil and gas price forecasting remains more of an art than a science as previous methodologies and algorithms need to be adjusted to reflect changing digitized energy and vehicle technologies and consumer use patterns. Four distinguished women forecasters from government, business and academia discuss changes in the tools and methods used to forecast energy prices; successes and challenges to accurate energy price forecasting; and the opportunities for women and diverse workforces in the energy forecasting field.

Amy Myers Jaffe, Presiding
Senior Fellow and Director, Council on Foreign Relations

Kathryn Downey Miller, President, BTU Analytics

Helen Currie, Chief Economist, ConocoPhillips

Jill N Scotcher Energy Economist, Chevron

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 2. Energy Storage and the Grid 1 (Interlocken A)

Derek Olmstead, Presiding
Director Capacity Markets, Market Surveillance Administrator

Generators’ Owned Energy Storage System Can Increase System Cost: Cause and Solution (8 min.)
Rui Shan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mingquan Li, Duke University

Assessing the Role of Energy Storage as a Peaking Capacity Resource in the United States (8 min.)
Will Frazier, Wesley Cole, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

How Does Energy Storage Affect the Generation and Revenue of Existing Generation Technologies? (8 min.)
Naga Srujana Goteti, Eric Hittinger, Rochester Institute of Technology
Ines Azevedo, Brian Sergi, Carnegie Mellon University

Complementary Roles of Power-to-Gas-to-Power and Batteries in a 100% Reliable Wind and Solar Electricity System (15 min.)
Jacqueline A. Dowling, Nathan S. Lewis, California Institute of Technology
Ken Caldeira, Mengyao Yuan, Fan Tong, Carnegie Institution for Science

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 3. Energy & Economic Growth 1 (Pine)

Peter Balash, Presiding
Senior Economist, US Department of Energy - NETL

Gasoline Subsidy Reform and Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis (8 min.)
Muhammad I Akimaya, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Macroeconomic and Sectoral Impacts of Gas Supply Increases in Nigeria: A CGE Analysis (15 min.)
Emmanuel O Agiaye, Emerald Energy Institute, University of Port Harcourt
Adeola F Adenikinju, Centre for Energy Economics, Petroleum and Law, University of Ibadan

Case Study: Adoption and Penetration of Modern Energy Technology in Nigeria's Residential Sector (15 min.)
Adeola F Adenikinju, Dilinna L Nwobi, Nkechinyelu P Oranye, Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law CPEEL University of Ibadan Nigeria
Olalekan J Akintande, Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis, University of Ibadan Nigeria

Rainfall, Temperature, Energy and Economic Growth in Ethiopia: A Non-Linear and Asymmetric Approach (15 min.)
Nyakundi M Michieka, Richard S Gearhart, California State University, Bakersfield
Noha Razek, University of Regina

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 4. Longer-Term Energy Transition 1 (Interlocken D)

Christophe Bonnery, Presiding
Director Economics & Prospective, F-AEE

Canada’s Energy Transition: Trends and Indicators (15 min.)
Abha Bhargava, Ryan Creighton, Margaret Skwara, Jean-Denis Charlebois, Matthew Hansen, Canadian Energy Regulator

Do Market Barriers Exist for Renewables? A Portfolio Approach (15 min.)
Elizabeth A Wachs, Bernard Engel, Purdue University

The State-level Impacts of the Introduction of a Carbon Tax in the United States (15 min.)
Jon Stenning, Unnada Chewpreecha, Hector Pollitt, Cambridge Econometrics

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 5. Renewables in the Electricity System 1 (Interlocken C)

Edson Daniel Lopes Goncalves, Presiding
Professor, FGV - CERI

Improving Curtailment Representation in Utility Planning Tools (8 min.)
Brady Stoll, Elaine Hale, Jennie Jorgenson, Matt Irish, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Impacts of High VRE Futures on Demand-side Decisions (15 min.)
Cody Warner, Jo Seel, Ben Paulos, Andrew D Mills, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Assessing Country and Sub-National Region Renewable Energy Potential (15 min.)
Gregory Upton, Siddhartha Narra, LSU Center for Energy Studies
Areendam Chanda, LSU Department of Economics

Property Tax Incentives and Wind Energy Development: Effectiveness and Fiscal Impacts (15 min.)
Ziqiao Chen, Yoon-Jung Choi, Syracuse University

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 6. Student Best Paper Award Competition (Spruce)

Eric Hittinger, Presiding
Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Do Federal Oil and Gas Assessments Affect Lease Acquisition Behavior? A Natural Experiment in the Williston Basin (15 min.)
Jesse D Backstrom, Texas A&M University

Credit and attention in the adoption of profitable energy efficient technologies in Kenya (15 min.)
Susanna Berkouwer, UC Berkeley
Joshua T Dean, Institute for Behavior & Inequality

Does Increasing Block Pricing Decrease Energy Use? Evidence from the Residential Electricity Market (15 min.)
Becka Brolinson, Georgetown University

Not on My Coast? North American Natural Gas Markets Under LNG Demand Growth and Infrastructure Restrictions (15 min.)
Baturay Calci, University of Texas

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 7. Environmental Issues with Shale Oil & Gas 1 (Fir)

Daniel Raimi, Presiding
Senior Research Associate, Resources for the Future

Patterns and Drivers of Flaring in the Permian Basin (15 min.)
Mark Agerton, UC Davis

An Estimate-based Approach to Pricing Methane Emissions (15 min.)
Levi Marks, University of California, Santa Barbara

Oil and Gas Well Targeting: Implications for Supply and Methane Emissions (15 min.)
Benjamin Gilbert, Colorado School of Mines
Gavin Roberts, Weber State University

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 8. Oil Supply 1 (Birch)

Lindsay Goldstein, Presiding
Program Analyst, ONRR

Effects of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry (8 min.)
Victor Del Carpio Neyra, Svetlana Ikonnikova, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin

The Marginal Barrel of Oil (15 min.)
Giacomo Benini, Stanford University
Valerio Dotti, Washington University in St. Louis

Case Study: Effect of Carbon Taxes Applied to Upstream Carbon Emissions on Reserves Estimates (15 min.)
Florent Rousset, Sai Pranav Uppati, Gaffney, Cline & Associates

OPEC’s “Reasonable Oil Price Level” Notion and the External Breakeven in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Canada: Accounting for Economic Cycles and Pipeline Politics (15 min.)
Noha Razek, The University of Regina
Nyakundi M Michieka, California State University, Bakersfield
Emilson Silva, The University of Alberta

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 9. LNG (Alder)

Robert Borgstrom, Presiding
Advisor on Energy Regulation, Independent Consultant

Liquefied Natural Gas as an Alternative to the Transportation Sector in Brazil (8 min.)
Drielli Peyerl, Dominique Mouette, Pedro Gerber Machado, University of São Paulo

Growing U.S. LNG Exports and the Impact of Removing Destination Clauses on Market Liquidity in the Asia-Pacific (8 min.)
Fang-Chia Lee, Researcher, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre

Case Study: How the U.S. LNG Export Models May Compete on European and Asian Gas Markets in Increasing LNG Trade and Arbitrage (8 min.)
Aminam Talipova, Higher School of Economics, National Research University

Exploiting Real Options in LNG Trade (15 min.)
Peter R Hartley, Kenneth B Medlock III, Rice University Baker Institute

Case Study: Small-scale LNG Potential in the Asia Pacific Region (15 min.)
Diego Rivera Rivota, Researcher, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC)

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Monday, November 4 from 4:30pm - 6:00pm

 10. Roundtable: The Promise of Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization (Interlocken B)

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is pleased to host a roundtable that intensively examines the promise of Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization (CCUS). As chief steward of the Department of Energy's carbon management program, NETL fosters technology development across the entire CCUS chain as it seeks to lower the capital and operating costs of carbon dioxide separation at gas processing units, industrial sources, and power plants, safely deliver, inject, and monitor CO2 into saline reservoirs, and employ CO2-based enhanced oil recovery and associated CO2 storage as a means to incentivize capture. NETL will convene leading experts active in all phases of DOE's program, highlighting program highlights and successes, and examining remaining challenges facing the integration of CCUS into both the nation's energy economy and the global energy ecosystem. Special attention to recent tax incentives will be paid as the DOE moves to deploy CCUS by 2025.

Andrea McNemar, Presiding
Acting Technology Manager, Carbon Storage Program, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. DOE

Peter Balash, Senior Economist, US Department of Energy - NETL

Justin Ong, Program Director, ClearPath Foundation
Joseph Thom, Director, Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance, Wells Fargo
Lynn Helms, Director, North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources

Vello Kuuskraa, President, Advanced Resources International, Inc.

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 11. Renewables In The Electricity System 2 (Interlocken A)

Peter Schwarz, Presiding
Professor of Economics, UNC Charlotte

System Integration Cost of High Penetration of Interruptible Renewable Energy (15 min.)
Nisal Herath, Wallace E Tyner, Purdue University

Capacity Markets versus Energy-only Markets: A Comparison Under Wind Energy Penetration (15 min.)
Cody Hohl, Chiara Lo Prete, The Pennsylvania State University

Retail Electricity Rate Design, Distributed Energy Resources, and Emissions (15 min.)
Burcin Unel, Institute for Policy Integrity at NYU School of Law
Elisheba Spiller, Kristina Mohlin, Environmental Defense Fund
Karen Tapia-Ahumada, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative

Case Study: Enhancing Price Formation Process in Electricity Markets to Support Advancing High Renewable Energy Targets: A PJM Case Study (15 min.)
Ali Daraeepour, Eric Larson, Tom Kreutz, Princeton University

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 12. Energy & Economic Growth 2 (Pine)

Ramses Omar Cabrales, Presiding
Energy Industry Analyst, Federal Energy Regulatory Comm

Natural Gas and Energy Transition: Perspectives of Demand in the Sao Paolo State (8 min.)
Mariana O Barbosa, Drielli Peyerl, Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

Long-term Investment Planning for the Electricity Sector in Small Island Developing States: Case Study for Jamaica (15 min.)
Travis Atkinson, Douglas Gotham, Paul V Preckel, Purdue University

Integrated Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches: A CGE Energy Model for a Developing Country (15 min.)
Alma R Cortes Selva, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Purdue University

Is the Global Economy a Superorganism? (15 min.)
Carey King, University of Texas at Austin
Andrew Jarvis, Lancaster University

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 13. Longer-Term Energy Transition 2 (Interlocken D)

Michael Pollitt, Presiding
Professor, Judge Business School

U.S. Electricity Infrastructure of the Future: Generation and Transmission Pathways Through 2050 (15 min.)
Gopika Jayadev, Erhan Kutanoglu, Benjamin D Leibowicz, The University of Texas at Austin

Case Study: Improving Local and Long Term Distribution Grid Management: A Prospective Approach (15 min.)
Jonas Meyer, Christophe Bonnery, Enedis

What Happens Today, Tomorrow, and the Future Matters: The Effects of Foresight in Modeling the Impacts of Energy Policy (15 min.)
Daniel Steinberg, Maxwell Brown, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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 14. Influences on EV Demand (Interlocken C)

Ben Schlesinger, Presiding
President, Benjamin Schlesinger & Assoc LLC

Assessment of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentive Program in the U.S. Electric Vehicle Market: The Case of Missouri (15 min.)
Nhu G Nguyen, Tyner Wallace, Purdue University

Timing is Everything: Optimal EV Charging to Maximize Welfare (15 min.)
Miguel A Castro, Researcher, Inter-American Development Bank

Future Costs of Electric Vehicles: Effects of Technological Progress and Consumer Heterogeneity (15 min.)
Ranjit R Desai, Eric Williams, Eric Hittinger, Rochester Institute of Technology

Impact of Electric Vehicle Use in Uber and Lyft (15 min.)
Alan Jenn, Assistant Professional Researcher, University of California, Davis

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 15. Competition & Oil & Gas Price Arbitrage 1 (Spruce)

Benjamin Gilbert, Presiding
Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines

Closer to One Great Pool? Evidence from Structural Breaks in Oil Price Differentials (15 min.)
Michael Plante, Grant Strickler, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Time-Varying Jump Intensities and the Interconnectedness of the North American Crude Oil Complex (15 min.)
Neil A Wilmot, University of Minnesota Duluth

Spatial Competition and Retail Pricing in the Newly-Created Mexican Gasoline Market (15 min.)
Shaun D McRae, Enrique Seira, ITAM

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 16. Environmental Issues with Shale Oil & Gas 2 (Fir)

Matthew Butner, Presiding
Economic Fellow, NYU Institute of Policy Integrity

NUMBY or Not? The Influence of Geographic Proximity on Public Risk Perception and Attitudes of Shale Gas Development in China (15 min.)
Huimin Tan, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Fracking and Indoor Radon: Spurious Correlation or Cause for Concern? (15 min.)
Katie Jo Black, Kenyon College
Shawn J McCoy, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Jeremy G Weber, University of Pittsburgh

The Equity State of an Energy System: Air Quality, Climate Change, and Labor Market Equity of the Shale Gas Boom in the Appalachian Basin (15 min.)
Erin N Mayfield, Jared Cohon, Robinson Allen, Ines Azevedo, Nicholas Muller, Carnegie Mellon University

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 17. Oil Supply 2 (Birch)

John Holding, Presiding
Independent Energy Analyst,

Changes in Institutional Design and Learning-by-doing: An Empirical Study of Offshore Exploration Drilling Efficiency in South East Asia (8 min.)
Mohammad Kemal, Aldy Amir, SKK Migas

Estimating Potential Costs of Adding New Anthropogenic CO2 and Expanding Production of Natural CO2 for EOR in the Permian Basin (15 min.)
Steven T. Anderson, Steven M. Cahan, U.S. Geological Survey

Low-Carbon Electrofuel Synthesis From Variable Renewable Electricity: An Optimization-Based Techno-Economic Analysis (15 min.)
Evan D Sherwin, Stanford University

No Fool's Choice: How Unconventional Shale Development Fit into a Sustainable Energy Future for Emerging Economies (15 min.)
Ning Lin, Chief Economist, University of Texas, Austin

In the Name of Profit: Explaining the Emergence of the Global Oil Commodity Regime (15 min.)
Andreas Goldthau, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
Llewelyn Hughes, ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

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 18. Student WIP Session (Alder)

This session aims to give students feedback from leading professors and the USAEE community who will be in attendance. Half an hour will be given for the presentation and discussion of each paper. All are welcome to attend and participate in the discussions.

Peter Hartley, Presiding
Peterkin Professor of Economics, Rice university

A Financial Analysis of the Importation of Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States as a Natural Gas Source to the Brazilian Market (15 min.)
Lauron Arend, Drielli Peyerl, Edmilson M dos Santos, University of São Paulo

Returns From Distributed Generation: Utilities, Consumers, and Communities (15 min.)
Arijit Sen, Nathan Hultman, University of Maryland, College Park

Transition Strategies to Harness Local Solar and Geothermal Energies in the USA: A Linear Programming Approach (15 min.)
Amos Oppong, Ma Jie, Kingsley Nketia Acheampong, Bismark Ameyaw, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China [UESTC]

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Tuesday, November 5 from 10:30am - 12:00n

 19. Renewables In The Electricity System 3 (Interlocken B)

H. Alan Love, Presiding
Professor, Washington State University

An Integrated Framework for Analyzing Clean Energy Technology Subsidies Applied to Residential Solar (15 min.)
Tiruwork B Tibebu, Eric Hittinger, Qing Miao, Eric Williams, Rochester Institute of Technology

A Support Mechanism Through the Shapley Value for Household Photovoltaic Generation after Feed-in Tariffs (15 min.)
Yoshihiro Yamamoto, Takasaki City University of Economics

The Effect of Rate Design on Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources (15 min.)
Elisheba Spiller, Kristina Mohlin, Environmental Defense Fund
Burcin Unel, Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University Scbool of Law
Karen Tapia-Ahumada, Massachussetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative

Electricity Market Design in a Zero Marginal Cost Setting (15 min.)
Robert Idel, Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University

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 20. Energy Storage and the Grid 2 (Interlocken A)

Eric Williams, Presiding
Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

The Value and Interplay Between Gas Generation and Energy Storage for Power Systems with High Penetration of Variable Renewables (8 min.)
Nestor A Sepulveda, Dharik Mallapragada, MIT Energy Initiative

Influence of Electric Vehicle Uptake on Competitive Dynamics of Storage Technologies in Electricity Sector Applications (15 min.)
Martin Beuse, Tobias S Schmidt, Bjarne Steffen, ETH Zurich

Heat Pumps with Thermal Energy Storage: The Cost, Peak Demand, and Emissions Impacts of a Flexible, Electrified Heating Sector (15 min.)
Thomas Deetjen, Parth Vaishnav, Carnegie Mellon University

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 21. Government Session: Funding and Collaboration Opportunities for Energy Researchers (Pine)

The goal of the session is to strengthen contacts between energy researchers and representatives of different governmental agencies that fund research in energy economics, demystifying the funding application process and helping lower barriers between government and academia. The panelists will discuss different ways an energy economist can engage with governmental agencies, ranging from obtaining funding to connecting to other researchers and spinning off a startup. The session will include an interactive component, allowing the audience members to pitch their research ideas and receive feedback from the panelists.

Anna Ebers, Presiding
Statistician, Tetra Tech

Ellen Morris
Program Lead
University Partnerships, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

John Primo
Senior Social Scientist
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Department of Interior

Elaine Ulrich
Senior Advisor
Solar Energy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy

Max Tuttman
Technology-to-Market Adviser, ARPA-E, U.S. Department of Energy

Jeffery Adkins
Senior Economist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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 22. Longer-Term Energy Transition 3 (Interlocken D)

Carey King, Presiding
Asst Director, Energy Institute, University of Texas at Austin

Why Rapid and Deep Decarbonization Isn't Simple: Linking Bottom-up Socio-technical Decision-making Insights with Top-down Macroeconomic Analyses (15 min.)
Turner Cotterman, Mitchell Small, Carnegie Mellon University
Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Stanford University
Stephen Wilson, University of Queensland

How External Factors Influence Policy Goals Using the Example of Renewable Energy Standards (15 min.)
Kristen E Brown, US Environmental Protection Agency

Forecasting and Proposing Mitigation Pathway for USA CO2 Emissions From Fossil Fuel Combustion (15 min.)
Bismark Ameyaw, Yao Li, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

An Integrative Approach to CO2 Abatement Cost Curves: Accounting For Heterogeneity and Technology Interactions (15 min.)
Saptarshi Das, Ranjit R. Desai, Eric Hittinger, Eric Williams, Rochester Institute of Technology

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 23. Energy Access (Interlocken C)

Noha Razek, Presiding
Assistant Professor, Economics Department, University of Regina

Assessing Africa's Off-Grid Electricity Market (15 min.)
F. Andrew Dowdy, Engineers Without Borders USA

A Microeconometric Analysis of Household Energy Consumption: Evidence from Ghana Household Survey and Sustainability Implications (15 min.)
Smart Edward SEA Amanfo, Sophia University

Utility Bills and Household Financial Distress (15 min.)
Reid Dorsey-Palmateer, Western Washington University

City-level Efforts to Facilitate a Just Transition: A Survey Analysis (15 min.)
Sanya Carley, David Konisky, Laura Helmke-Long, Indiana University

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 24. Competition & Oil & Gas Price Arbitrage 2 (Spruce)

Andrew Slaughter, Presiding
Executive Director, Deloitte Services LP

Isolating the Impacts of the Shale Revolution on the U.S. Energy Mix: Evidence from the Natural Gas Pipeline Network (15 min.)
Matthew Butner, Institute for Policy Integrity, NYU
Jonathan Scott, Energy Institute at Haas, University of California Berkeley

Market Power in Australia's Eastern Natural Gas Market (15 min.)
Kelly Neill, Rice University

Rotary Rig Parity: The Drilling Rate Augmented Relationship Between Oil and Gas Prices (15 min.)
Gavin E Roberts, Weber State University
Benjamin Gilbert, Colorado School of Mines

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 25. US Electricity & Climate Policy (Birch)

Christophe Bonnery, Presiding
Director Economics & Prospective, F-AEE

Short Run Effects of Carbon Policy on U.S. Electricity Markets (15 min.)
Steve Dahlke, Colorado School of Mines

U.S. Power Sector Transitions Under High Electrified Futures (15 min.)
Matteo Muratori, Trieu Mai, Caitlin Murphy, NREL

Capacity Expansion of SERC’s Generator Fleet Under Climate Change (15 min.)
Francisco Ralston Fonseca, Paulina Jaramillo, Haibo Zhai, Aviva Loew, Mario Bergés, Edson Severnini, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Craig, University of Michigan
Yifan Cheng, Bart Nijssen, University of Washington

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 26. Petroleum Fiscal Regimes (Alder)

Graham Davis, Presiding
Professor Emeritus, Colorado School of Mines

The Relative Inefficiency of Petroleum Fiscal Regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean (15 min.)
Graham A Davis, Colorado School of Mines
James Smith, Southern Methodist University

Scoring Auctions, Investment and Production Outcomes: The Case of Oil and Gas Leases in Mexico (15 min.)
Igor Hernandez, Rice University

Analysis on the Implementation of Gross Split Production Sharing Contract: Simulation on the Oil and Gas' Project Economics in Indonesia (15 min.)
Dian P. Mashari, Made Sumandra, SKK Migas (Special Task Force for Upstream Oil And Gas Business Activities Republic of Indonesia)

The Intensive and Extensive Effects of Tax Holidays (15 min.)
Timothy Fitzgerald, Texas Tech University

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Tuesday, November 5 from 4:00pm - 5:30pm

 27. Renewables In The Electricity System 4 (Interlocken B)

Lucy Qiu, Presiding
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland College Park

Case Study: Simulation of Solar Panel Adoption Using Agent-based Model a Case Study of California (15 min.)
Zining Yang, Yuan Yuan Lee, Claremont Graduate University

Solar Pricing: Gross Metering and Other Alternatives to Net Metering (15 min.)
Peter M Schwarz, Nathan Duma, Ercument Camadan, UNC Charlotte

Output-based Incentives for Residential Solar PV: Demand Responsiveness, Cost-effectiveness, and Alternative Policy Scenarios (15 min.)
Marta Talevi, London School of Economics and Political Science

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 28. Energy Storage and the Grid 3 (Interlocken A)

Kyle Haemig, Presiding
Economist, Central Municipal Power

Assessing the Economics of Commercial/Residential Storage Using an Intertemporal Decision Framework (15 min.)
Himanshu Deshpande, Jay Whitacre, Guannan He, Carnegie Mellon University

The Effects of Electricity Consumption and Rate Design on Solar Plus Storage-enabled Grid Defection (15 min.)
Will Gorman, Duncan Callaway, Stephen Jarvis, University of California, Berkeley

Socially Optimal Operation of Grid-Scale Energy Storage: Balancing Direct Benefits with Indirect Costs (15 min.)
Eric Hittinger, Maanasa Govindarajula, Rodrigo Folgar, Rochester Institute of Technology

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 29. Government Session: Energy Data for Western and Federal Lands (Pine)
 29. Government Session: Energy Data for Western and Federal Lands (Pine)

The U.S. does not have a single central repository for all energy-related information. The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides a wide range of valuable data; individual bureaus/offices at Department of the Interior provide information on energy and revenue from Federal lands; the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission provides information on regulated activities such as oil and gas pipelines; individual states have planning and regulatory bodies that publish data on energy subject to their jurisdiction/taxation; and some energy companies publish energy statistics and forecasts. The speakers will provide demonstrations of how to use some of the tools on their agencies’ websites and provide information the other data they make available to the public. After the presentations, there will be time not only for questions but also for discussion of additional data resources and tools that attendees wish were available. Speakers will be available after the session to continue discussions and provide hands-on access to their websites.

Kim Coffman, Presiding
Economist, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Chris Peterson
Senior Energy Markets Analyst, U.S. Energy Information Administration

Lindsay Goldstein
Maroya Faied
Office of Natural Resources Revenue, U.S. Department of the Interior

Brian N. Shaffer
Geologist Supervisor/Project Chief, U.S. Geological Survey

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 30. Electricity Market Management (Interlocken D)

Sanya Carley, Presiding
Professor, Indiana University

The Value of Intra-day Coordination of Electric Power and Natural Gas System Operations (15 min.)
Michael Craig, Carlo Brancucci, Omar Guerra, Bri-Mathias Hodge, U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Kwabena A Pambour, cleaNRGi Solutions GmbH

Policy Options to Reduce the Risk of Resource Constraints Under the Increase Demand of New Energy Technologies (8 min.)
Hisanori Nei, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Using a Bottom-up Energy Systems Model to Analyze Role of Electrification in the End-use Sectors in the Urban Areas (15 min.)
P. Ozge Kaplan, Mine Isik, U.S. EPA

A Machine Learning Approach to Demand Response Supply Estimation (15 min.)
Olvar Bergland, NMBU
Alan Love, WSU

Improving the Provision of Electricity Network Services Through Machine Learning – The Case of Light Disco in Brazil (15 min.)
Rafael M Souza, Joisa Dutra, Camila Lobo, Pedro Medeiros, FGV CERI

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 31. Competitiveness of Coal (Interlocken C)

Tim Coburn, Presiding
Professor of Energy & Operations Management, University of Tulsa

The Impact of a Carbon Tax on Substitution of Natural Gas for Coal (15 min.)
Kelly A Stevens, Deborah A. Carroll, University of Central Florida

How Fuel Accounting Paradigms Influence Coal Power Plant Profitability (15 min.)
Joseph M Daniel, Sr. Energy Analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists

Coal Plants with Carbon Capture and Utilization – Potential Business Scenarios with 45Q Tax Credits and Enhanced Oil Recovery (15 min.)
Joel R. Theis, Peter C. Balash, Jeffrey W. Hoffmann, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Arun K.S. Iyengar, Ivonne A. Pena-Cabra, Key Logic Systems, Inc.

Modeling Measures to Improve Efficiency of Electricity Markets (15 min.)
Donald A Hanson, David Schmalzer, Argonne National Laboratory
Chris Nichols, Peter Balash, NETL

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 32. Energy Demand Analysis (Spruce)

Benjamin Leibowicz, Presiding
Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin

The Time-of-day Travel Demand Elasticity Paradox (15 min.)
Cody Nehiba, Louisiana State University

Climatic Impact on China’s Residential Electricity Consumption: Does the Level of Income Matter? (15 min.)
Ying Yu, Xiamen University
Kerui Du, China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy, Xiamen University
Chu Wei, Department of Energy Economics, School of Economics, Renmin University of China

Alternatives to the Autoregressive Moving Average Structure in State Adjustment Dynamic Demand Modeling (15 min.)
Steven C Fischer, Inter-American Development Bank (retired)

Revisiting Income and Price Elasticities for Residential and Industrial Electricity and Road Gasoline and Diesel (15 min.)
Brant Liddle, Senior Research Fellow, Energy Studies Institute, NUS

Trends in U.S. Manufacturing Energy Consumption (15 min.)
Behjat Hojjati, U.S. Energy Information Administration

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 33. Energy & The Environment (Birch)

Robert Kleinberg, Presiding
Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy

Traffic Congestion and Air Quality in Beijing: Utilizing Taxi Trajectory Data (15 min.)
Zhen Lei, Penn State University
Fan Xia, Jintao Xu, Ximeng Chen, Yu Liu, Peking University

Pollution Externalities, Generation Subsidies and Efficiency in Energy and Capacity Markets (15 min.)
Sylwia Bialek, Burcin Unel, Institute for Policy Integrity, New York University

Internalizing Damages from CO2 and Air Pollution: Should We Co-regulate Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Emissions Via Taxation? (15 min.)
Michael B Roth, Peter Adams, Paulina Jaramillo, Nicholas Muller, Carnegie Mellon University

Case Study: Sinking Groundwater Cost of Energy at Saudi Arabia (15 min.)
Ridha H Abbas, Engineer, Saudi Aramco

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 34. Energy & Financial Markets (Alder)

Michael Plante, Presiding
Senior Research Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The Impact of Virtual Spread Product on the Multi-settlement Electricity Market Price (8 min.)
Hyungkwan Kim, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Determinants of Forward Premium in the Electricity Market (15 min.)
Kun Li, Beijing Normal University

China’s Crude Oil Futures Contract: It’s Characteristics, Trading History, and Potential for Success (15 min.)
Ronald D Ripple, R.D. Ripple & Associates
David Broadstock, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Case Study: Financing Renewable Energy in Brazil - The Case of Wind Power Plants (15 min.)
Edson Daniel Lopes Goncalves, Professor, FGV - CERI

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Wednesday, November 6 from 8:30am - 10:00am

 35. Regulation (Interlocken B)

Marie Fagan, Presiding
Lead Economist, London Economics Intl LLC

Design of Regulation (15 min.)
Robert L Kleinberg, Senior Research Scholar, Boston University; Columbia University

Managing the Threat of Regulatory Capture Under the European Energy Union (15 min.)
Rafael Emmanuel Macatangay, Volker Roeben, University of Dundee

Comparing the Results of Renewable Energy Auctions: A Model-Based Analysis of Recent Trends from Around the World (15 min.)
Michael G Pollitt, University of Cambridge
Simon F Lang, London School of Economics

How Much Would China Gain from Power Sector Reforms? (15 min.)
Govinda R Timilsina, World Bank Group
Xi Yang, China University of Petroleum Beijing, China
Jun Pang, Renmin University, China

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 36. Energy Use By Buildings (Interlocken A)

Greg Adams, Presiding
Team Leader Coal & Uranium Analyst, Energy Information Administration

Canada’s Built Environment in the Energy Transition (15 min.)
Matthew Hansen, Michael Nadew, National Energy Board

Carbon Net-Neutral Residential Case Study - Can State-Of-The-Art Renewable Energy Technology Deliver Economically? (15 min.)
Ben Schlesinger, Benjamin Schlesinger and Associates, LLC

Heat Pumps' Impact on Housing Prices and Implications for Policy Instruments to Facilitate Electrification and Deep Decarbonization (15 min.)
Xingchi Shen, Anand Patwardhan, Yueming Qiu, University of Maryland College Park
Parth Vaishnav, Carnegie Mellon University
Pengfei Liu, University of Rhode Island

Analyzing Multifamily Building Common Area Electricity Consumption Features and Saving Potentials – Findings From Residential Building Energy Audit Project (15 min.)
Ting-Jui Sun, Meng-Tai Fu, Wen-Hua Liao, Min-Chia Su, Chuan-Yi Su, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
Wen-hsiang Lin, Wei-Huang Hsieh, Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation

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 37. International Trade, Finance & Energy (Fir)

Guy Caruso, Presiding
Senior Advisor, CSIS

Spatial Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Carbon Emissions: Evidence from China’s Provincial Panel Data (8 min.)
Xingyu Wang, University of East Anglia
Zhifu Mi, University College London
Hang Lin, Junjie Hong, University of International Business and Economics

The Role of Oil Price Changes on the Balance of Trade: Evidence From Korea-ASEAN Commodity Trade Data (15 min.)
Jungho Baek, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Yoon Jung Choi, Sejong Institute

California's Carbon Policy and Emission Leakage: A Machine Learning Approach (15 min.)
Chiara Lo Prete, The Pennsylvania State University
Ashish Tyagi, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Technical Potential of Biomass Energy in the APEC Region (15 min.)
Dan L Nguyen, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC)
Michael O Sinocruz, DOE of the Philippines

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 38. Electricity Supply Disruption (Interlocken D)

Karl Nalepa, Presiding
President, ReSolved Energy Consulting

Resource Adequacy and Scarcity Pricing Implications of Correlated Generator Failures (8 min.)
Luke A Lavin, Jay Apt, Sinnott Murphy, Carnegie Mellon University

The Wider Economic Benefits of Managing Power Grids Through Vegetation Management: Evidences From the U.S. (8 min.)
Marcello Graziano, Brian Becker, Adam Gallaher, Central Michigan University
Fred V. Carstensen, Peter Gunther, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, University of Connecticut

Quantifying Generator Outages and Non-Performance in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (15 min.)
Chen-Hao Tsai, Stephen Rose, Midcontinent Independent System Operator

Accounting for Uncertainty and Risk Aversion in Grid Expansion Models (15 min.)
Eric Williams, Eric Hittinger, Naga Srujana Goteti, Rochester Institute of Technology

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 39. Changing Transport Sector Impacts (Interlocken C)

Ning Lin, Presiding
Chief Economist, CEE, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Effects of On-Demand Ridesourcing on Vehicle Ownership, Travel, Energy, and Environmental Outcomes in the United States (15 min.)
Jacob W Ward, Jeremy J Michalek, Inês L Azevedo, Constantine Samaras, Carnegie Mellon University

Private and Social Benefits and Costs of Long-Haul Truck Electrification in the United States (15 min.)
Fan Tong, Corinne Scown, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Maximilian Auffhammer, Derek Wolfson, University of California, Berkeley

The Dynamic Costs & Benefits of Technology-Forcing Policy Nested in a Broader Performance Standard: The Case of ZEV & CAFE (15 min.)
Arthur HC Yip, Kate S Whitefoot, Jeremy J Michalek, Carnegie Mellon University

The Impact of Rapid Technological Change in the Global Energy Industry AND on U.S. Imports Containing Rare Earth Elements (15 min.)
Cecilia E Logan, Clinton Noack, Isabela Madinabeitia, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Gavin Pickenpaugh, William M Summers, NETL/DOE

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 40. Government Session: Laboratory Showcase (Spruce)

The western United States provides natural resources necessary for energy conversion. The National Laboratory system is a primary conduit through which the Department of Energy promotes science and technology development along the energy value chain. Come listen to senior representatives discuss exciting nearer-term energy R&D across the nuclear, fossil, and renewable energy sectors.

Christopher Nichols, Presiding
National Energy Technology Laboratory

Shannon Bragg-Sitton
Idaho National Laboratory

Doug Arent
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Peter Kobos
Sandia National Laboratory

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 41. Electricity & Climate Policy 2 (Birch)

Anna Ebers, Presiding
Statistician, Tetra Tech

Burning the Bridge Fuel: Regulation and Natural Gas Retirements (8 min.)
Cameron Duff, University of Colorado, Boulder

Aligning Climate and Health Benefits in Power Plant Siting and Retirement Decisions (15 min.)
Brian Sergi, Allen Robinson, Nick Z Muller, Peter Adams, Inês Azevedo, Carnegie Mellon University
Steven J Davis, UC Irvine
Julian Marshall, University of Washington

Scenarios for Decarbonization of the Future Indian Electricity Sector (15 min.)
Ivan Rudnick, Pablo Duenas, Audun Botterud, Carlos Batlle, MIT Energy Initiative
Karthik Ganesan, Council on Energy, Environment and Water
Dimitri J Papageorgiou, Bryan K Mignone, Michael R Harper, Srinivasan Rajagopalan, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

True or Not True: Carbon-free Electricity Generation is Possible (15 min.)
Rolf Golombek, Simen Gaure, Frisch Centre

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 42. Technology Innovation (Alder)

Hisanori Nei, Presiding
Professor, GRIPS

Effectiveness of Expert Judgement in Technology Innovation (15 min.)
Rebecca E Ciez, Elke Weber, Princeton University
Daniel Steingart, Columbia University

Evolution of Hardware Costs and Soft Costs in Photovoltaic Systems (15 min.)
Magdalena Klemun, Massachusetts Insititute of Technology
James McNerney, Harvard University
Jessika E. Trancik, Goksin Kavlak, MIT

An Assessment of Utility-Scale Solar Farm Locations (15 min.)
Gilbert L Michaud, Christelle Khalaf, Ohio University

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