27th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference - September 16-19, 2007
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USAEE/IAEE Conference Closing Reception

The Cabildo, Louisiana State Museum

701 Chartres Street (on Jackson Square), New Orleans, LA 70116


Sponsored by:  Canadian Consulate General, Dallas and Canadian Consulate, Houston


Join us for a very special closing reception at The Cabildo on Friday, December 5th from 7:00 – 9:00pm (a short walk from the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel).

The Cabildo was built in 1795-99 as the seat of the Spanish municipal government.  It is the site of the Louisiana Purchase ceremonies of 1803.  This historic building is the state’s most important as several historical events took place within and has been visited by five American Presidents.  The exhibits are a moving history with an emphasis on the people of Louisiana and the diverse ethnic groups who settled in the state.

The Cabildo exhibits take you from the time of the French settlement in 1700 and the first families of Louisiana through the Reconstruction of the late 1800’s.

A special exhibit is also contained in the Arsenal of The Cabildo.  National Geographic magazine and the Louisiana State Museum have partnered to create an exhibit by award-winning photojournalist David Burnett.  This exhibit documents the shattered lives and neighborhoods in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Highlights of the exhibit include a piano from the home of Louisiana rock 'n' roll legend Fats Domino and images by New Orleans high school students who took part in an assignment to document their communities. The exhibit features their images of the Lower 9th Ward and the French Quarter.

Light food and beverages will be served.  This reception is open for all delegates to attend.  We expect a large crowd to attend this event so please reserve your place early.


Tour of Katrina Recovery Projects in New Orleans' 9th Ward

Saturday, December 6

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

$25 per person

Join us for a tour of several projects oriented toward sustainable development in the massive effort to rebuild New Orleans' 9th ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Four leaders of the rebuilding effort will guide the tour, including:

  • Paula Ridgeway - Energy Section Manager, Technology Division, Department of Natural Resources
  • Charles Allen - Education and Outreach Coordinator, Xavier/Tulane Bioenvironmental Research Institute
  • Pam Diesheil - Former President, Holy Cross Neighborhood Association
  • Doug Meffert - Professor, Tulane University Environmental Projects

The tour will include the following stops:

Holy Cross Neighborhood - http://www.helpholycross.org/ - selected by specialists from Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in February 2006 as a pilot project in sustainable community development.
Read more: http://davidrmacaulay.typepad.com/SustainableRestorationPlan.pdf

Global Green Visitors Center - http://www.globalgreen.org/neworleans/holycross/ Showcasing the projects of Global Green USA including the Holy Cross Project, the Green Schools Initiative, and the Green Building Resource Center.

Preservation Resource Center - http://www.prcno.org/ - Organized long before Hurricane Katrina, and originally conceived as an advocacy-based organization, the PRC has since branched out considerably, with an award-winning publication, a fašade easement program, and a host of community outreach and education initiatives. In 1988, Operation Comeback and Christmas in October, now known as Rebuilding Together, joined the ranks of the PRC's programs.
Read more: http://www.prcno.org/programs/

Make It Right Foundation - http://www.makeitrightnola.org/ - actor Brad Pitt's organization involved in a large-scale redevelopment project focused on green affordable housing and innovative design.
Read more: http://www.makeitrightnola.org/mir_SUB.php?section=low9&page=main

Sharp Solar Project - http://www.sharponenergy.com/ Working with numerous local organizations and businesses, Sharp donated 10 1.5 kilowatt solar electric systems (a total of approximately 80 modules), installed on the homes of nine residents and a community center on February 28 and March 1 by Sharp's authorized contractors.
Read more: http://www.blog.thesietch.org/2007/03/01/sharp-giving-away-free-solar-power-systems-in-new-orleans/

The bus will leave the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel Saturday morning at 10:00 am and will return at approximately 12:30 pm. Cost is $25 per person.






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