Topics and Subtopics for the 2014 IAEE International Conference on Energy and the Economy

The topics and subtopics listed below are indicative of the types of subject matter that Conference organizers would like to see covered. However, they are by no means exhaustive, and good proposals on other energy-related subjects will be given every consideration. The main selection criterion will be the quality of a proposal, not the particular subject matter.

Energy Demand and Economic growth
Income and wealth effects on energy demand
Demand for mobility fuels in a growing economy
Electricity demand and economic growth
Impacts of fiscal and monetary policy on energy demand
Economic Forecasting model relationships, predictions and results

Energy supply and economic growth
Low cost energy and economic welfare
Energy sector contribution to economic growth
Optimal policy towards energy supply
Policy constraints on fossil fuels and the macroeconomy
Impacts of energy shocks on post-industrial economies

Financial markets and energy markets
Energy firm participation in financial markets
Integration of financial and real energy markets
Optimal policy framework for financial energy markets

Energy and the Environment
Impacts of growing energy demand on the environment
Relationship between environmental improvement and energy demand
Climate policy and energy markets
Struggling carbon markets: EU ETS and WCI

Non-fossil fuel energy: renewables & nuclear
Economics of wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower
Impacts of renewable portfolio standards
Future of nuclear energy

International Energy Markets
Sources of international supply and demand growth
North American supply and demand
Development of international energy infrastructure (pipelines & transmission lines)
Energy market integration
Key energy developments in Asia, Europe and Latin America

Energy Efficiency
Government policy towards energy efficiency
How much, how fast?
Contributor to or constraint on economic growth?

Energy Research and Development
Innovation and technological progress in energy markets
Investment in and returns from private & public energy R&D
Impacts of ARPA-E and other federal programs

Political economy
Public policies towards energy demand and supply
Jobs, incomes, local and regional development, wealth and energy policy
Energy policy and rent seeking
Fostering greater competition in energy markets

Public understanding of and attitudes towards energy
Information and behavior in energy markets
Public understanding of energy markets and energy policy
Supplier/customer information imbalances and market outcomes
Social and traditional media influences on energy markets

Other Topics of interest
New oil and gas projects
Transportation fuels and innovation in vehicles
Generation, transmission and distribution issues in electricity markets
Other energy issues

Those interested in organizing a complete concurrent session should propose a topic and possible speakers to Pierre-Olivier Pineau (