PhD Day

Six PhD Students will present their research at the inaugural PhD Day, a 'students-only' pre-conference event to be held on Sunday, November 12 from 9:00am to 3:30pm.

All students registered for the conference are encouraged to attend the PhD Day. The papers to be presented are of very high quality, and we are certain that you will enjoy and benefit from this event. Lunch will be provided for all those attending the PhD Day.

The PhD Day provides an extended format, allowing for a more in-depth discussion of each paper, which is good for both authors and audiences. Each presenter will not only present their own paper but also act as a discussant on another student's work.

The program is as follows:

Market power in energy markets: game theoretic models

Peter Volkmar, Rice University
Has Shale Oil Affected OPEC's ability to Collude?

Nongchao Guo, Pennsylvania State University
Electricity Price Manipulation and Uneconomic Virtual Bids: A Complementarity-based equilibrium framework

Congestion-based derivative products in electricity markets

Gordon Leslie, Stanford University
Why do transmission congestion contract auctions cost ratepayers money? Evidence from New York

Hyungkwan Kim, Purdue University
The Impact of Virtual Spread Product on Multi-Settlement Wholesale Electricity Market

Energy efficiency standards: economic efficiency and distributional issues

Ensieh Shojaeddini, Colorado School of Mines
Distributional Effects of Efficiency Standards vs Market Based Policies

Chris Bruegge, Stanford University
Distortionary Fundraising for Energy Efficiency Subsidies: Implications for Efficient and Equitable Program Design

Authors will be given 25 minutes to present their paper. The discussant will then be given 15 minutes to comment on the paper. There will also be time for questions and comments from the floor.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Energy Studies at Rice University's Baker Institute.

The Sloan Foundation has provided funding opportunities for selected students participating in this event.

Time and Location

Time : Sunday, November 12 from 9:00am to 3:30pm

Location : Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston, Champions III room