Student Work-in-Progress Session

This year in Denver we have new sessions designed for students whose research is a work-in-progress. The aim is to give students feedback from leading professors and the USAEE community. Professors who specialize in the students’ research area will be in attendance. Half an hour will be given for the presentation and discussion of each paper – longer than in a regular concurrent session, with all the extra time allocated to discussion.

To apply for the Student Work-in-Progress session, please send an email to Kelly Neill at expressing your interest. In your email, please address the following in 300 words or less.

Applications must be received by August 20, and conference registration must also be paid by August 23 to be eligible. We will inform students of their selection by August 30.

The Student Work in Progress sessions will be held during two concurrent sessions, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. We will be able to accommodate 6 students.

The Student Work in Progress session is a pilot program, and we are inviting applications from students who have already had their paper accepted for the conference. Those students presenting in the Student Work-in-Progress session will not present in a regular concurrent session. That is, students may not present in both a regular concurrent session and this special session.

This event is included as part of your conference registration fee.