Poster Session

Poster Session
Monday, September 24, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Regulating Environmental Impacts of ‘Fracking’ in the UK: Lessons Learned from New York and California
Miriam R Aczel
Imperial College London
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The Effect of a Monopoly Increasing Block Pricing Reform on Electricity Demand For Residential Customers
Jikhan Jeong
Senior Research , Korea Electric Power Corporation (Study Leave in pursuit on Ph.D at Washington State University)
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Examining Aggregated Household Behavior of Ambient Temperature Control Strategy and Energy Efficient Appliance Ownership: An Application of Latent Class Analysis
Arijit Sen
University of Maryland, College Park
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Hydroelectric Management for Peak-Demand Energy: Balancing Intermittent Renewable Generation in the U.S. Grid
Suzanne Stradling
University of New Mexico
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Economic Implications of Lithium Ion Battery Degradation for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2X) Services
Andrew W Thompson
University of Paris SUD 11/Institut VEDECOM/Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
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The Announcement Effect: The Dependency of Demand Response on Timely Information and the Impact on Efficient System Operation
Marie-Louise Arlt
Dirk Neumann
Gunther Gust
Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg
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Under What Conditions is HVDC Conversion a Cost Effective Way to Increase Transmission Capacity in an Existing HVAC Corridor?
Liza B Reed
Carnegie Mellon University
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Gas Price Differentials in Australian Cities: Transport Costs or Trade Barriers?
Kelly Neill
Rice University
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Toward a Greener Car Future: Theory and Evidence from China's Fuel Efficiency Policy Mix
Yan Lu
Yang Yu
Tsinghua University
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U.S. Energy-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Absence of Federal Climate Policy
Hadi Eshraghi
North Carolina State University
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