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REGISTRATION FEES are payable in advance. Complete the form below and submit electronically or mail by post to USAEE Conference Headquarters along with your payment. Conference registration fees may be paid by credit card or wire transfer. For wire transfer information e-mail Hotel and related travel costs are not included in registration fees. Full registration fees include: registration materials, a copy of the online conference proceedings and all conference provided meal functions. Students: all student registrants will be required to complete a form verifying student status and non-employment prior to processing of student registrations. USAEE reserves the right to verify student status. See the conference website for tour information.

By the act of registering and attending this USAEE/IAEE North American conference, you agree that USAEE/IAEE shall acquire the right to use your name, photograph, video recording, and/or audio recording in reporting on the conference in their publications or website, in publicity for future conferences, or in other reasonable manners for the benefit of the Association(s). You further agree to waive any liability on the part of the USAEE/IAEE, and to hold the USAEE/IAEE harmless, for any damages, injury, or loss of benefits that you incur during your travel to or from or attendance at this conference.

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Received on or Before August 23, 2019 Received on or Before Sept 10, 2019 Received Sept 11 to Oct 11, 2019 Received Oct 12 to start of Conference
Speaker Member
(Payment must be received by July 13, 2018)
$795.00 US $895.00 US $995.00 US $1095.00 US
Speaker Non-member (Includes membership. Payment must be received by July 13, 2018) $925.00 US $1025.00 US $1125.00 US $1225.00 US
USAEE/IAEE Members   $996.00 US $1095.00 US $1195.00 US
Nonmembers (fee includes membership)   $1125.00 US $1225.00 US $1325.00 US
Full Time Students - IAEE Member $450.00 US $500.00 US $550.00 US $600.00 US
Full Time Students -
Non-Member (includes membership)
$500.00 US $550.00 US $600.00 US $650.00 US
Young Professional - IAEE Member $450.00 US $500.00 US $550.00 US $600.00 US
Young Professional -
Non-Member (includes membership)
$500.00 US $550.00 US $600.00 US $650.00 US
Partner (meal/social functions only; no meeting sessions) $450.00 US
General Conference Company Sponsorship $500.00 US
General Conference Individual Sponsorship $100 - $499 US
Student Scholarship
Fund Contribution
$100.00 US

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General Conference Company Sponsorship ($500 - USD)
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