The USAEE Government Track

This is the third year that the USAEE is offering a Government Track. It is designed to serve members who are affected by actions of Federal, state, and local governments and to appeal to a wider audience as well. It seeks to provide both topics of interest and opportunities for collaboration and professional development.

The Inaugural Government Track was offered at our North American Conference in Tulsa Oklahoma. It took place two weeks before the U.S. Presidential election in 2016 and focused on lessons learned in previous Presidential and other government transitions. Last year, the USAEE Government Committee organized the opening plenary session on international oil and natural gas markets, geopolitics, and U.S. energy policy, which extends beyond the Government Track, and a separate Government Track panel discussion on the need for electricity system flexibility in the face of variable generation sources and changing use patterns.

This year, the Government Committee was responsible for the opening session, a pre-conference workshop on "Making Good Presentations," and two of the dual plenary sessions: U.S. Energy Policy Deep Dive and the Changing Balance of Government Energy Policy and Regulation. In addition, there is a Government Track session Tuesday morning on "Informing Federal Energy Resource and Petroleum Policies in an Era of Abundance."

Although Government Track sessions will tend to be discussions regarding policy, rather than presentations of individual research projects, in future conferences these sessions may vary considerably and are expected to include plenary-level talks and discussions, panel discussions of policies, laws, and regulations, skill-based workshops, and other events. Often, these will be developed in collaboration with other parts of the USAEE organization, as has been the case of the pre-conference session on presentations this year and the post-conference energy risk workshop offered at the last three conferences. Please include any suggestions for future Government Track session with your conference evaluation or submit them directly to