USAEE Case Competition

The United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE) Case Competition is a team-based competition focused on energy economics, open to teams of current students or recent graduates. This year, the topic for the competition will be financing for global improvements in energy intensity. Participating teams will work on the designated case problem over a period of three weeks and submit a written report detailing their methods and solution to USAEE. A complete solution to the problem will require teams to have knowledge in economics, engineering, and policy analysis. The three teams with the best solutions will be invited to present their results at a session at the June 15-18, 2014 IAEE Conference in New York City, NY.

By participating in the USAEE Case Competition, students will be able to demonstrate their skills and ideas for potential employers and can win monetary prizes while contributing to solutions for challenging current energy economics problems. The top three teams will be invited to publicly present their results at the IAEE Conference in New York City, NY and compete for the top three positions. The prizes will be $4,000 for the first place team, $3,000 for second place, and $2,000 for third (in addition, conference fees will be waived for up to two members of each invited team).

The USAEE Case Competition registration form is located here.

Examples of successful submissions from the 2013 USAEE Case Competition can be found here.

The three teams selected to compete at the New York City IAEE Conference are (in no particular order):

University of California, Davis
Firas Abu-Sneneh, Jacob Humber, Jeff Kessler

University of Kentucky
Markus Lang, William Martin, Dillon Nichols, Jerrod Penn, Ethan Rutledge

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yichen Du, Justin Montgomery, Arthur Yip

USAEE Case Competition Schedule

February 16 - Registration closes
February 17 - Case competition packets distributed to teams
March 10 - Written reports from teams due back to USAEE
April 2 - Top three teams will be notified and invited to present at the IAEE Conference in New York City, NY.
June 15-18 - Top three teams will present their work at a special concurrent session of the IAEE Conference in New York City, NY.

USAEE Case Competition Rules

All participants must be a member of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) and be a student or recent graduate. (Note: USAEE membership automatically grants IAEE membership and international teams are invited to participate.)

Teams must be between 2 and 5 participants.

The written report must be less than 8,000 words (excluding references), with figures and tables counting as 200 words each.

A panel of judges will read the submitted reports and choose three teams to present their work at the IAEE Conference. Conference fees will be waived for up to two students from each team. (Note: students that are selected as one of the top teams and have already registered for the conference will get their conference fees reimbursed)

At the IAEE Conference in New York City, NY each of the three teams will present their case competition solution at a special concurrent session. The panel of judges will determine the order of the top three teams based on the contents of the presentations.

The prizes will be $4,000 for the first place team, $3,000 for second place, and $2,000 for third place.

More detailed instructions will be provided with the case competition materials.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available, and sponsors are invited to participate in defining the case problem and judging the submitted solutions. All inquiries about the USAEE Case Competition should be directed to Eric Hittinger (

USAEE Case Competition Sponsors